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Ovarian Cancer – doctor said eat anything you like!

Hi Dr. Teo

My Mum is 66 years old and was recently diagnosed with papillary endometrial carcinoma penetrating the myometrium within 5mm of the serosa.  The fallopian tubes and one ovary were free of deposits however a small deposit was found on one ovary and none was found on any of the 4 left pelvic nodes neither on the 4 right pelvic nodes removed for staging.  She had a TAH/BSO on May 3 and is at home recuperating until her next visit to her Dr who would tell her about what treatment(s) if any he would prescribe.  Her Dr. told her she can eat anything but I would appreciate your expert input as I don’t agree with him on that.

Thank you so much.

Reply: Read what I have written in my website: www.cacare.com I have written enough on this subject of diet. Where are you from btw?

Breast Cancer from Indonesia – a recurrence

Dear Prof. Chris Teo,

I am a sister of a cancer patient. I am from Indonesia. Last year, in February 2011, my sister (36 years old) got a surgery to cut the tumor in her breast. But several months ago, she got another tumor (that’s
what the doctor said). Doctor recommended she has to go to another surgery. But because it is costly and we worry a lot that the cancer may come again later, we haven’t sent her. She consumes herbs but they haven’t worked. Today, her breast turns red, its skin is like orange skin but she is not really in pain yet.  Then I found Ca Care, it gives us hope.

Prof. Chris Teo, We need your help. Would you be so kind as to give us some advice?  I am looking forward to your reply.Thank you very much.

Reply: If there is a tumour in her breast. Get it removed!


Breast Cancer – gone to the lungs and brain

My name is R. I got your card from my neighbour. I would like to know when you will be coming to KL. Can you please give me your address?

Reply:  What is your problem or do you have any problem? Where are you from anyway?

I am suffering from cancer, I had breast cancer in 2006. It relapsed in 2010 to my lungs and this year to my brain. The doc also found lymph nodes near my neck. Even my adrenal gland on my right kidney has expanded. The radiotherapy on my brain done in March 2012 had affected my voice box. I have not recovered fully after the radiotherapy. I was told by my neighbour that you specialise in curing people with cancer.

I was supposed to go for another chemo or radiotherapy but I opted out cos I am still weak to go through this.

Lymphoma from Singapore – Chemo and transplantation did not work

Dear Dr Chris!

I was referred by Pastor Danny, he went to see you twice but I could not go along as my platelet was low and cannot go on plane.

I have decided to drop all my treatment and consult you for herbal treatment instead. I was diagnosed with stage IV diffuse large B cell lymphoma in Sept 2007, went through many chemotherapy and radiation therapy due to relapses. Also, went through an allogenic stem cell transplant in Nov 2008. Now, the relapse is on the skin.

I earnestly want to seek you for treatment as I do not want to go through any chemotherapy and another stem cell transplant from 3rd party. Please advice what is needed from me and how I can make appointment to see you.

Your kind attention to the above request is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and be blessed.

Herbs helped her mother

Dear Dr Chris,

This is an update on my mother.

It has been 10 days that my mum has been taking the additional herbs for her liver cysts. These are the effects she experienced:

(1) Sleep: On the first day itself, she exclaimed that she was able to sleep better – for more than 3hrs until 4am.  The subsequent nights, she was able to sleep 3-4 hours every night (as opposed to 2-3 hrs previously).

(2) Appetite: She has significantly better appetite -she feels hungry now during meal times.

(3) Dark spots on hands/face: My mum commented that she noticed many of the brown spots on her hands have disappeared or have ligthened significantly – i took a good look and yes, both her hands,
which used to be covered with little brown and very dark spots, have become much fairer !! The darker more stubborn ones are still there but are lighter now. I do not know whether it was the other herbs (Breast M, C-tea, Capsule A) that she has been taking the last 3 months contributed to this improved complexion or the liver herbs specifically. (I took photos of her hands and face of the remaining spots to trace the progress over a fortnight.)

(4) Red eye: Her left eye used to be very red for some years now – a couple of days after taking the liver herbs, the redness reduced significantly and now it is no longer red. She also feel better – she used to have an uncomfortable, tight feeling over her eyes.

Looks like the cleansing from the liver herbs has resulted in external manifestations of the above. Thank you, Dr Chris Teo for the herbs – it’s a blessing in disguise to discover such wonderful herbs.

Will continue to update you over the weeks/month.

With much appreciation, P

Wanting to know the truth about Pancreatic Cancer

Hello Dr. Chris,

I am a person who has been looking at medical sources and other sources online for any cures or better treatments like traditional herbs on pancreatic cancer and I came across your site online. I looked at some of the information on your site and some of the videos on curing and treating cancers.

Is it true that the herbals can truly work and heal cancers and if it can work and treat especially pancreatic cancer.

My girlfriend has pancreatic cancer and she has had also used chemo therapies and other treatments, but they don’t seem to be making her better and well, but making her worse. The doctors say they cannot do much for her now since the pancreas is full of cancer now and they say it’s incurable. They say it’s too far gone now.

She is experiencing most of the symptoms; her skin has turned into orange color, she is swelled up, and her body is cold most of the times and they have to heat her up and they are like saying she doesn’t have much chance to live, but she is still surprising the doctors by having the will to fighting it and not giving up that easily on wanting to live life. Her white blood cells is low, and she is always most tired, and the Iron in her body is low too.

Can the herbals do anything for her now to perhaps cure her or give her the 5-year chance of survival that most pancreas patients had gotten or can anything be done at all. I am also looking at other traditional medicines as well too, especially on the Chinese herbals, things like that. I would really appreciate if you can come back to me and thank you for your time in reading this, and thanks for your help and sincere honesty and really appreciated you answering and getting back to me.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people who are from foreign countries. I am from Malaysia — too far away from you. Also when doctors cannot cure and it is far too serious, don’t expect herbs can do the magic. That is unrealistic. My experience tells me that nobody on earth can cure any cancer.


Colon Cancer from Surabaya

dear,  dr. Chris Teo.

My name is DR , I am the husband of mde EP. .  I was the one that sent you my wife cancer reports this morning , I am very sorry that I did not explained clearly what’s going on and the purposed  we were sending you that cancer reports.

As you know from the report that my wife had colon cancer. She had an operation at Gleaneagles Hospital Singapore on 25 Feb. 2012.  After surgery the doctor did another biopsy with lab report stated that she is having cancer stage III-A.  The surgeon suggested us to do chemotherapy treatments to prevent of spreading the cancer cells to another organs in her body. We just found out from one of your patient that you provided herbal medication to treat cancer. We knew that you have very tight schedules,  but if you can spare time to kindly read the reports and let us know the possibility of herbal medication that suitable to treat my wife and also please explain to us how is the herbal medication works to treat the colon cancer.

In the future We would like to  discussed personally  about the treatment plan , would you please let us know the schedules for consultation . If it is possible would you please give us your direct line of your cell phone number so we can directly contacted you …

Reply: Sorry, I don’t have any cell phone. Also I don’t provide consultation through the phone or e-mail. Come and see me if you think I can help. Go to the website: www.cacare.com and you will know everything that you need to know.

Lymphoma then Lung Cancer from USA: Mayo Clinic doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I was referred to you by my friend & family as my 79 years old father now has Stage 2 non small cell carcinoma lung cancer. Now he got mild Pneumonia and being treated at Mayo Clinics Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona USA and it’s almost cure so he will be move to rehabilitation by tomorrow.

His symptom:
Have nonstop hiccup for the last 24 hours and it happened for the past 2 nights in a row so he can sleep on daytime but awake all night long because of the hiccup. Very weak, very hard to get up or very hard to walk. Very hard/ little eat and drink, some banana, protein milk/ ensure, oatmeal, porridge. Sometime has chest pain and hurt when breathing

This time he did:
First chemo
Finish 28 radiations
Still on blood clot injection daily as he has clot in his leg

History/ previous treatments:
Stage 4 Mantle cell lymphoma with e-coli bacteria 5 years ago and now cancer free treated at Mayo Clinics for 18 months, 5 times heart angioplasty in his lifetime
High blood pressure still taking medication
High cholesterol in the past but now not eating cholesterol pill anymore

Mayo clinic Oncology Doctor said:
His stage 2 lung cancer already been isolated so far and been reduced to 3cm from 5cm so 50% to 60% smaller and has been passive as they test 2 days ago. And phenomena actually could kill him more than his cancer at this time. Doctor said is ok not to continue the Chemotherapy if he is not strong enough and just continue with herbal or living with healthy life.

His health condition has been up and down for the past week and very slowly progressing to better condition.

Mayo Clinics oncology doctor and our family even my father think that he is not strong enough to continue the chemotherapy as even Mayo doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time unlike before when they treat his lymphoma. This time just said “hoping” will kill the cancer after 4 times chemotherapy.

I am as the youngest of 3 children and 40th years old already, livings with non-cancerous brain tumor (got surgery but the tumor still coming back) understand that every human being must die but if he has to die I just want him to die by not suffering even for me as well but again we as human maybe cannot choose how we die.

So I would like to know if Dr. Teo can help and how soon if he can see him as well as if Dr. Teo can do something or give any advice of any kinds including how of how to eat but most importantly is to see Dr. Teo.

Of course, first of all I have to see if my father will be strong enough to go visit Dr. Teo so please let me know, thank you.

Please HELP! Regards,

Colon Cancer from East Java

Dear  Sir,

My name is Imam. I am from Indonesia. I get your email number from my brother’s friend in which  her father (or will be) is your patient. Now my father is still in RKZ – Hospital  in East-Java Province. On April 12nd or April, 13th the colon surgery doctor just cutting his big-colon around 75cm because of wild cancer 3B-stadium in 2location inside the colon and also there was a “polip”,  and  then link it again the remaining 25 cm. Unfortunately on last Wed, 18th April 2012  the connection of the colon was bocor,  so that my father was operated again, and then sent to ICU Room  until now. The doctor said  that after this fail of sambungan,  my father must use “pocket” for accomdate his faeces.

And  also must  follow  one packege  of kemoterapy.

By the way,  my father was  80 years old on Nov. 2012. My brother and sister  would like to conduct “alternative treatment” instead of  kemoterapy.

Our question :
1) What is your opinion ?
2) We are going to check with you, but may I know how is your medical process  (in general),  since my father is  rather “alzeihmer” (often forgot). He does not remember that he got problem i.e. difficulty in issuing  his faeces. Almost  everyday he goes swimming, he feels health. So that he is angry when we bring him to the hospital. We try to lie him like ” a child”,  and he can accept it.
3) How is the procedure to make an appointment with you ?
4) How much the approximate cost  for the treatment and how long ?

That are some of  my questions. Hopefully  I can receive your reply urgently, since my father’s cancer  is  level 3B. I apologize to make you inconvenience,  also because of my English is not really good.
Thank you !

Lung Cancer in a 89-year-old

Dear Dr. Teo,

M y name is Y. Just recently my mother (89 years old) was admitted to IJN for her old heart ailment and to our surprise she was suspected to have cancer through the scanning done to her. We also noticed some lumps on her right chest (about the size of 20 cent coins) a few months ago. Although the doctors at IJN are trying to get an oncologist to have a closer look at my mom but they were having doubts anything could be done due to her age.

I’ve heard about your alternative approach … and I’m very interested to meet and seek your professional advice. I’ve met you some years ago when you were active with your orchids (hope you still are) and I understand you are also from Serdang College and I think the same batch with Syed Farooq (my former State DOA Director).

I was made to understand if it is indeed my mom has cancer, the doctors were saying probably nothing can be done due to her age. I am seeking advice to ease the pain in my mom should the cancer gets worse. Your prompt reply is really appreciated.

Reply: Thanks for the email — I am a bit earlier than Farooq by a year. NO, no more orchids for me because too busy with this cancer work. I don’t think you need to do anything at all. She is too old for all these invasive treatments.

Thank you Dr.Teo for the prompt reply. Thank you for the frank and professional advice. We will try to make her as comfortable as we possibly can. I will be contacting you again in the near future to seek advisc for a friend of mine also suffering from breast cancer. What you are doing Dr Teo is a very noble job. I salute you sir.



Red blood cell production stopped

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am emailing you with an urgent inquiry. One of my relatives (21 year old girl) who has suffered neurofribomatosis since birth and has backbone sclerosis is now dealing with an urgent medical condition. We have learned yesterday that her body has stopped production of red blood cells. The doctors have shared that there is not much they can do. They can offer a blood transfusion but that would be a temporary solution.

We have seen that you have done groundbreaking research in the fight against cancer and are hoping you can advise on any herbs, infusions etc we may use to help her body restart red blood cell production.

As you can understand the question is urgent and we really are praying to get a reply from you soon.

Reply: Sorry I only know about cancer



Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr Chris,

I just got my father’s CT scan and blood test result. He hasn’t done biopsy test yet.

Could you please check the result as attached and give us some suggestions?

For your info, I will tell a bit of history of my father health condition. He was a hard smoker

and he stopped after he was diagnosed with heart disease around 2009. Based on

the medical treatment result, his heart has damaged around 20%. The doctor gave some

medicines to him to be consumed continuously.

Besides, since then, he had also continually consumed Sarang Semut until he stopped

about 6 month ago because he felt nausea after consuming it. He sometimes experienced

cough during the last couple years with interval cycle. For example, a week with cough, then

followed by some months without cough, and another week with cough. Does it mean the

spread of the cancer cell? He has started consuming Sarang Semut again since a couple

week ago.

I appreciate very much for your kind concern and help. Thank you doctor. God bless you

and your family.



Recurrent Breast Cancer from Brunei

Dear Dr Chris,

You may remember me from Brunei who wrote to you detailing my wife breast cancer some 6 years ago where she had one of her breast removed. She was under medication but not chemo and it seemed ok.

Last year she had a relapse and she had to undergo two cycles (4 sessions each) of chemo treatment. Her last CT Scan 3 months ago showed no traces but her cancer marker reading went up to 80+. She was then coughing. The Dr here say Bronchi Spasm and so gave her medication inc steroids. Her coughing persisted and the Private Dr said she had Asthma.

Today she had another review and her cancer markers went up again. This time her liver enzyme reading went up too. The Dr  here is treating her Asthma first and then will consider what to do next.

Would it be possible for us to make an appointment with you. Few months ago we were there on Sat and Sun but then your bungalow office was closed in Penang.

Please let us know the best dates so we can book our flight and make other transport/Hotel arrangement. Her coughing seem to be increasing and we hope you can advice us what herbal medication she can start esp to stop the persistent coughing.

We have been praying for restoration and total healing for her. Our Father in Jesus Name has been so gracious and merciful all those years. Thank you – hope to hear from you soon.



Brain Tumour – Tennis Ball Sized

Dear Chris,

A good day to you. My name is U and I came across your website while searching for information on brain tumour. My father just went for a MRI scan and diagnosed with growth in the brain. The growth is in the size of a tennis ball. The doctor suggested biopsy but we are not keen in doing that?

How can we go on about this ? Do you have a centre in KL? Thank you in advance for your time. Best Regards,

Cervical Cancer from Kenya


My name is Joyce and I was at your website, my mum has cervical cancer, and am looking for anything that will help her., she can’t do chemo because she has an enlarged heart.  please let me know how you can help.

Reply: Where are you from?

I am from Kenya. I live in New Jersey.

Reply: You are in USA and she is in Kenya. How to help?

Attached please find the medical reports from Kenya and India.  My mum had traveled to India to seek medical treatment, she was advised against chemotherapy by the doctors in India due to the fact that it was discovered she has an enlarged heart. She went back to Kenya and she has gone to various oncologists in Kenya who have told her to do chemotherapy.

She decided not to do chemotherapy as advised by the Indian doctors.  She remains untreated to date.  She also has diabetics and high blood pressure in addition to the uterine carcinoma.

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