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Prostate Cancer from Spain

Dear Chris,

I’ve been reading your web page and found it very helpful.

My husband has Prostate Cancer IV and is now going through chemotherapy.  He just had his first chemo last Friday 27th. April. His PSA was 4.6 when diagnosed October 2010.  Now it has risento 19 and bone scan shows it was hit by cancer, even the liver shows something little in doubt.   He has no pain and feels fine, thank God !

I’ve read all about alternative medicine in the book Outsmart your Cancer by Tanya Harper.   My husband does not trust this type of cures, I do.   My idea is to let him have the chemo but with alternative herbs at the same time, what do you think?   After 6 sessions of chemo, which he won’t be cure, we already know, only stop it, then he might like to try the complete treatment.

Please give me more information about your products and especially how it works with Advanced Prostate Cancer.  Also he possibility to have them in Alicante, Spain.

Sorry my English, I’m Peruvian and my husband Spanish.   Thank you very much, please help me.

Dear L, 

Thanks for your email. I am from Malaysia … far away from your country. I am sorry I cannot help people if they don’t come here and see me. Attached is my explanation. And I hope you can understand the problem I face. Also I cannot send herbs to Spain and I have never done that before. 

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your mail, it is my present from you on Mother’s Day.   I’ll keep the letter enclosed in my heart and maybe someday we will meet personally.   I have always had the idea of visiting the East and it is the best moment in my life to do it.  Although, I must convince my husband, he does not believe much in alternative medicine; but he loves me and love can do ALL. I trust God and you.
God bless you, your family and all the work you are doing.

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