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Breast Cancer Gone Wild

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mum, based in JB, had been diagnosed with breast cancer almost a decade back. As part of her treatment, she has been taking Tamoxifen. The doctor informed us that 1 in 3000 women will suffer from cervical cancer as a side effect of taking Tamoxifen.

I’m certainly no doctor, and I don’t know all the mechanics involved in my mum’s treatment. All I do know is, almost 4 weeks ago, fluid was found in my mum’s womb. A week later, she had her entire womb removed surgically. I believe her uterus and 16 lymph nodes were removed. Of the 16, 2 of the nodes were found with ‘tumours’.

That’s what I’ve been told, and the medical report is obscure with jargon I don’t understand. My mum will be seeing an oncologist in a few days, but she decided she was not going to wait for an oncologist to tell her what treatment she needs and is seeking all avenues of treatment, including your very successful natural method.

I understand that you require your patients to visit you for consultation in Penang, and my mum is willing to fly or drive down. In lieu of meeting you, I’ve also attached her medical reports. From everything I’ve read on your website, the patient must be ready and willing to change their lifestyle and habits permanently in order for treatment to work. My mum is definitely willing and able to do that.

I have prepared the First Visit Form and the Disclaimer from Liability Form for her to fill up, and will submit them to you when she goes down to Penang for the consultation. From the medical reports attached, please advise on the next step my mum will need to take.

Thank you and God Bless.


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