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Sabah Snake Grass – Can Cure Cancer? Too good to be true!

Hi Dr. Chris, recently I read from newspaper regarding Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) herb which can help on cancer treatment. Do you have any comment on this since you are the expert in herb treatment for cancer?

Reply:  Scientists in Thailand have been studying this plant—they also make cream from this. Now I know that the plant is a “hot” topic. I also know and use this plant. I also grow this plant in my garden for many years already. 

Does the plant really cure cancer like written in your blog???? I hope it is true … but I am not sure and it is very, very difficult for me to believe it.  I want to believe but I think it is too good to be true. If what you wrote is true, you will be the most famous scientist in this world!!!! And I am happy to help you to become one. 

This is my experience: I gave these leaves to a lady with small, small lumps in her breast. I asked her to take the juices everyday …. BUT it did not work. She is now on chemotherapy. 

I only hope and pray that your stories are really true … I wish I am there to monitor all these people and check their medical reports, scan, blood test etc …. It is good if it works … we can help a lot of people. BUT I don’t believe that it works like what you wrote. I am sorry about that. 

By the way, did you have the medical reports of these people? Are these people the ones who came and took herbs from you?  

Please keep me informed if you have good cases that you personally know. Let me interview and see all the medical reports … I am happy to fly in the meet and talk to them all …. and if really it works like you say … I can write a lot more about it. But before that let us do our work correctly first. 

According to your story… you need to take 3 days, 14 days, 11 days, 28 days the cancer all disappeared. Wow …. we Malaysians can beat the Americans already! If that is really true we can shake the whole world!!!! 

Let me know and thanks for writing.

Hi Dr. Chris, thanks for the update. By the way, I am not the one who wrote the blog, I just  read from website & would like to ask your expertise on this information since my dad was also a lung cancer patient before & passed away few years ago. He also one of your patients. Thanks & regards.

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