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Colon Cancer from Surabaya

dear,  dr. Chris Teo.

My name is DR , I am the husband of mde EP. .  I was the one that sent you my wife cancer reports this morning , I am very sorry that I did not explained clearly what’s going on and the purposed  we were sending you that cancer reports.

As you know from the report that my wife had colon cancer. She had an operation at Gleaneagles Hospital Singapore on 25 Feb. 2012.  After surgery the doctor did another biopsy with lab report stated that she is having cancer stage III-A.  The surgeon suggested us to do chemotherapy treatments to prevent of spreading the cancer cells to another organs in her body. We just found out from one of your patient that you provided herbal medication to treat cancer. We knew that you have very tight schedules,  but if you can spare time to kindly read the reports and let us know the possibility of herbal medication that suitable to treat my wife and also please explain to us how is the herbal medication works to treat the colon cancer.

In the future We would like to  discussed personally  about the treatment plan , would you please let us know the schedules for consultation . If it is possible would you please give us your direct line of your cell phone number so we can directly contacted you …

Reply: Sorry, I don’t have any cell phone. Also I don’t provide consultation through the phone or e-mail. Come and see me if you think I can help. Go to the website: www.cacare.com and you will know everything that you need to know.

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