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Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr Chris,

I just got my father’s CT scan and blood test result. He hasn’t done biopsy test yet.

Could you please check the result as attached and give us some suggestions?

For your info, I will tell a bit of history of my father health condition. He was a hard smoker

and he stopped after he was diagnosed with heart disease around 2009. Based on

the medical treatment result, his heart has damaged around 20%. The doctor gave some

medicines to him to be consumed continuously.

Besides, since then, he had also continually consumed Sarang Semut until he stopped

about 6 month ago because he felt nausea after consuming it. He sometimes experienced

cough during the last couple years with interval cycle. For example, a week with cough, then

followed by some months without cough, and another week with cough. Does it mean the

spread of the cancer cell? He has started consuming Sarang Semut again since a couple

week ago.

I appreciate very much for your kind concern and help. Thank you doctor. God bless you

and your family.



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