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Lung Cancer in a 89-year-old

Dear Dr. Teo,

M y name is Y. Just recently my mother (89 years old) was admitted to IJN for her old heart ailment and to our surprise she was suspected to have cancer through the scanning done to her. We also noticed some lumps on her right chest (about the size of 20 cent coins) a few months ago. Although the doctors at IJN are trying to get an oncologist to have a closer look at my mom but they were having doubts anything could be done due to her age.

I’ve heard about your alternative approach … and I’m very interested to meet and seek your professional advice. I’ve met you some years ago when you were active with your orchids (hope you still are) and I understand you are also from Serdang College and I think the same batch with Syed Farooq (my former State DOA Director).

I was made to understand if it is indeed my mom has cancer, the doctors were saying probably nothing can be done due to her age. I am seeking advice to ease the pain in my mom should the cancer gets worse. Your prompt reply is really appreciated.

Reply: Thanks for the email — I am a bit earlier than Farooq by a year. NO, no more orchids for me because too busy with this cancer work. I don’t think you need to do anything at all. She is too old for all these invasive treatments.

Thank you Dr.Teo for the prompt reply. Thank you for the frank and professional advice. We will try to make her as comfortable as we possibly can. I will be contacting you again in the near future to seek advisc for a friend of mine also suffering from breast cancer. What you are doing Dr Teo is a very noble job. I salute you sir.



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