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Lymphoma then Lung Cancer from USA: Mayo Clinic doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I was referred to you by my friend & family as my 79 years old father now has Stage 2 non small cell carcinoma lung cancer. Now he got mild Pneumonia and being treated at Mayo Clinics Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona USA and it’s almost cure so he will be move to rehabilitation by tomorrow.

His symptom:
Have nonstop hiccup for the last 24 hours and it happened for the past 2 nights in a row so he can sleep on daytime but awake all night long because of the hiccup. Very weak, very hard to get up or very hard to walk. Very hard/ little eat and drink, some banana, protein milk/ ensure, oatmeal, porridge. Sometime has chest pain and hurt when breathing

This time he did:
First chemo
Finish 28 radiations
Still on blood clot injection daily as he has clot in his leg

History/ previous treatments:
Stage 4 Mantle cell lymphoma with e-coli bacteria 5 years ago and now cancer free treated at Mayo Clinics for 18 months, 5 times heart angioplasty in his lifetime
High blood pressure still taking medication
High cholesterol in the past but now not eating cholesterol pill anymore

Mayo clinic Oncology Doctor said:
His stage 2 lung cancer already been isolated so far and been reduced to 3cm from 5cm so 50% to 60% smaller and has been passive as they test 2 days ago. And phenomena actually could kill him more than his cancer at this time. Doctor said is ok not to continue the Chemotherapy if he is not strong enough and just continue with herbal or living with healthy life.

His health condition has been up and down for the past week and very slowly progressing to better condition.

Mayo Clinics oncology doctor and our family even my father think that he is not strong enough to continue the chemotherapy as even Mayo doctor not convince can kill the cancer this time unlike before when they treat his lymphoma. This time just said “hoping” will kill the cancer after 4 times chemotherapy.

I am as the youngest of 3 children and 40th years old already, livings with non-cancerous brain tumor (got surgery but the tumor still coming back) understand that every human being must die but if he has to die I just want him to die by not suffering even for me as well but again we as human maybe cannot choose how we die.

So I would like to know if Dr. Teo can help and how soon if he can see him as well as if Dr. Teo can do something or give any advice of any kinds including how of how to eat but most importantly is to see Dr. Teo.

Of course, first of all I have to see if my father will be strong enough to go visit Dr. Teo so please let me know, thank you.

Please HELP! Regards,

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