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Herbs helped her mother

Dear Dr Chris,

This is an update on my mother.

It has been 10 days that my mum has been taking the additional herbs for her liver cysts. These are the effects she experienced:

(1) Sleep: On the first day itself, she exclaimed that she was able to sleep better – for more than 3hrs until 4am.  The subsequent nights, she was able to sleep 3-4 hours every night (as opposed to 2-3 hrs previously).

(2) Appetite: She has significantly better appetite -she feels hungry now during meal times.

(3) Dark spots on hands/face: My mum commented that she noticed many of the brown spots on her hands have disappeared or have ligthened significantly – i took a good look and yes, both her hands,
which used to be covered with little brown and very dark spots, have become much fairer !! The darker more stubborn ones are still there but are lighter now. I do not know whether it was the other herbs (Breast M, C-tea, Capsule A) that she has been taking the last 3 months contributed to this improved complexion or the liver herbs specifically. (I took photos of her hands and face of the remaining spots to trace the progress over a fortnight.)

(4) Red eye: Her left eye used to be very red for some years now – a couple of days after taking the liver herbs, the redness reduced significantly and now it is no longer red. She also feel better – she used to have an uncomfortable, tight feeling over her eyes.

Looks like the cleansing from the liver herbs has resulted in external manifestations of the above. Thank you, Dr Chris Teo for the herbs – it’s a blessing in disguise to discover such wonderful herbs.

Will continue to update you over the weeks/month.

With much appreciation, P

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