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Ovarian Cancer – doctor said eat anything you like!

Hi Dr. Teo

My Mum is 66 years old and was recently diagnosed with papillary endometrial carcinoma penetrating the myometrium within 5mm of the serosa.  The fallopian tubes and one ovary were free of deposits however a small deposit was found on one ovary and none was found on any of the 4 left pelvic nodes neither on the 4 right pelvic nodes removed for staging.  She had a TAH/BSO on May 3 and is at home recuperating until her next visit to her Dr who would tell her about what treatment(s) if any he would prescribe.  Her Dr. told her she can eat anything but I would appreciate your expert input as I don’t agree with him on that.

Thank you so much.

Reply: Read what I have written in my website: www.cacare.com I have written enough on this subject of diet. Where are you from btw?

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