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Four-year-old from Czech Republic with 9 cm tumour

Dear Mr. Teo!

My name is Mr. J M and I am from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). The reason why I write you is my almost four-year-old nephew is very, very ill. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumor in his belly (9 cm!). His cancer is an embryonal and alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

It seems to grow from his bladder and there are already some metastases in his liver and some marks in his lungs.  We absolutely do not know why he got this terrible illness (there about 20 children from 1000000 that get this). We all live in a very healthy manner, eat little white sugar, at least 50% of our food comes from organic agriculture, there is a lot love in our families etc., so except of God’s anger or some  pathogenic  energy problems, I hardly can see any substantial reason why this happened.

In my country, the standard classical medicine is free, which is very good, but it means also that for a child, we cannot refuse the treatments the doctors prescribe when the illness is life-threatening, which is actually the case. We had gone to the hospital when my nephew felt difficulties to poo and  pee.  Ten days ago, he went through his first chemotherapy, yesterday he had zero leucocyte level and, now he tries to recover.

It is useless to say how afflicted we are by this situation and that we are ready to do whatever is in our power to heal him. Two days before his chemotherapy, he began taking Chinese herbal tea – Agrimoniae herba, Aurantii fructus, Curcumae tuber, Trogopterori seu Pteromydis. We had actually entered into contact with a Czech traditional Chinese doctor, and now we wait for the moment when he is allowed to go home for a while to give him hemp (Rick’s Simpson Phoenix tears) in tiny quantities, which we believe has not only palliative virtues but also can cure cancer (the use of medical hemp is unfortunately illegal in my country).

In February 2011, my mother , who was then sixty, was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she refused chemo, radio and hormonotherapy. She tried to heal by homeopathy, diet changes, reflexology and spiritual growth and I must say that she feels much better than before. And she seems to be happier now. At that time, I found your web site but you seemed to me too far to even contact you. But now, when my sister’s son got ill, we find that we really have to do anything that we can for not losing him.

I have thoroughly read your instructions for those who come from distant countries. I must admit that going to Penang would be rather expensive for us. First of all, we will try some alternatives that we can get here, in my country. But if my nephew cannot recover, we are ready to go to your place, because it  will probably be the last chance.

The reason why I write you now is to ask you three questions.  1. Have you ever met this kind of children cancer?  2. Do children have benefit from your therapy? In other words, is your method suitable for children too? 3. Can parents be “responsible” in some way for their children’s cancer?

Mr. Teo, thank you very much for your answer.

Reply: It is really hard and sad for me to hear such problem that you are facing now. It is unfortunate that I cannot offer any help. It is not only the distance but also the nature of the cancer. The tumour is so big, 9 cm, and it has gone to the liver and even lung. I don’t believe anybody can do anything at all. I have never come across such cancer and have never treated like this one. Even if you come to me now, I must admit I don’t know what to do. So I hope this answers your too first questions.

And about God being angry or parents being “responsible” – I really can’t say much. But as a strong believer in God, I don’t see God is punishing anybody. There is something “wrong” somewhere which we don’t know or have yet to know. I recall a case of a young boy who had a very big liver tumour. Yes, I managed to help him. Later, I found out that her mother had been taking “growth hormone” for so many years to prevent her miscarriage. This hormone was prescribed by her doctor. But we know that this hormone causes cancer and has already been banned for use in human. Unfortunately some doctors still prescribe it to their patients. Also they still use it for farm animals.

Metastatic Cancer of the Rectum

Hello Dr and Mrs Chris Teo,

I am a retired medical doctor (GP) and my husband … a retired associate professor of Zoology at the University. Rev. HCS recommended you to us …I am sending it to you an email. We hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes for the New Year! May God’s abundant blessings be upon you and your ministry.

Personal details and medical history:  female, 65 years old, diagnosed with rectum cancer.  Past history of occasional blood in the stools for more than 12 years, starting after a gut infection with diarrhoea in 1997. Came down with bad arthritis pains after a Newlife detox programme in Aug 2001. Developed severe rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed in 2004) and was treated by rheumatologist with methotrexate and prednisolone for 1 year.

In 2009, there was more blood in the stools. On 1st June 2010, had colonoscopy done by gastroenterologist – diagnosed with cancer of the rectum (Stage 3C) and had surgery the same day. The cancer had spread to lymph nodes and the right lobe of liver (2 cm tumour). On 13 June 2010, had surgery for peritonitis due to anastomosis leak, and ileostomy was done. CT scan showed 2 cm tumour in left lobe of liver also.

In mid Aug 2010, a PET scan showed 3 tumours in the liver. One tumour in left lobe of liver had grown to 6 cm. There was metastasis in the lung and the small intestine as well. The oncologist advised chemotherapy. Had surgery to close the stoma.

Started on chemotherapy on 6 Sep 2010. Tumour marker, CEA was 221 ug/L (compared to 4.9 ug/L on 9 June). Was given oral Xeloda and IV Oxaliplatin – after one cycle, platelet and white cell counts were low so the doctor took off Oxaliplatin and gave Avastin instead.

By Dec 2010, the CEA was even higher at 323 ug/L. The doctor switched to Erbitux and Campto. After 6 cycles, by May 2011, there was marked reduction in tumour size and FDG cancer activity. The CEA had dropped to 3.4 on 11 April ’11. Continued on “maintenance chemotherapy” on Erbitux and Campto until Oct 2011. Cancer activity had been slowly increasing – liver left lobe tumour size was 1.7 cm on 3 Nov ’11. The CEA went up to 6.2.

Decided to stop chemo when docotr advised going back to first line chemo drugs –  5FU, Oxaliplatin and Avastin, as I had been suffering from anxiety and much discomfort (dizziness, feeling off balance) since Sep ’11 which I suspect to be due to some viral infection.

In Nov 2011,  started on alternative treatment by PL. He uses machines to do remote healing sessions and also gives me nano-energy booster patches to apply. Now after 2 months off chemo, I can feel the left liver enlarged. Still having dizziness – MRI on 27 Dec . 2011 was normal, except for possible micro-vascular ischaemic changes.

I am currently taking Coriolus versicolor (by Mushroom Science) 400mg to 800mg a day – not sure if effective because I only started on it recently.  Have been taking for several months 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor formula (2 capsules a day) which contains small amounts of herbs. Also take olive leaf extract and bee propolis when needed – quite effective for infections. I also took the following:

1. Barley Green or Green Magma (6 tsp daily)

2. Carrot and apple juice (about 12 oz daily)

3. Multivitamins and minerals (Now Eve women’s multi)

4. Calcium citrate malate

5. Magnesium (from magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate), 200 mg daily

6. Zinc carnosine (PepZinGI)

7. Methyl B-12 lozenges (1000 mcg a day)

8. Folic acid (800 mcg a day)

9. Ester-C (500 mg a day)

10. Manuka honey (1 tsp a day)

11. L-glutamine (about 2 g daily)

12. Ativan (about 0.25 mg before bed) – tranquilizer to relieve anxiety.

Are you in pain? Mild achy pain occasionally in the lower chest. Sometimes, pain and numbness in the left big toe. Arthritis pains in upper arm after eating wheat products, red meat and dairy.

Can you sleep?: Yes.

Do you feel tired? Yes.

How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood? 2 to 3 times daily, in small amounts each time. Usually formed or soft stools.

How is your appetite? Good appetite.

Any swelling? Where, give details? Swelling in the left epigastrium, liver area, 2 to 3 cm below ribcage on standing.

Do you have any other medical problems such as: gastric? Diabetes? High blood pressure? etc.

Gastric pain (moderate erosion), rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, anxiety, heart atrial ectopics, mild peripheral neuropathy. 

Urination: how frequent? Is it painful? Any blood? Normal, maybe once every 2 to 3 hours. Not painful. No blood.

Do you cough? If yes, any phlegm? Colour of phlegm (white/yellow), itchy throat?  Yes, on waking in the morning. Small amount of light yellow phlegm.

Do you have difficulty breathing? Elaborate. No, but feel breathless sometimes.

List and explain any other complaints. Main discomfort/suffering now is from dizziness when standing and walking – a sense of losing balance and a feeling of heaviness in the legs which makes walking difficult. This began in late Sep 2011, after taking some contaminated food and home-made chicken soup with red dates, goji and dang shen (I had been taking this soup regularly and it made me very alert, but had to stop taking meat soups since because they made me more giddy). It is not relieved by medication. Also sometimes feel hot and sweaty followed by increased dizziness. Body feels hot every morning on waking.

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year. I am YW, Dr W’s daughter (helping her to send this email). My mother hopes you can help in whatever way possible, even if just to prolong her days as she still has many important things to do.. She is unable to travel to Penang in her current state. Is it possible for us to talk on the phone or by email?

She had a PET scan last week and was quite disappointed with the results. (Especially when the “remote healing” practitioner had said everything was improving and the tumours had shrunk.) The cancer has spread to the left ureter, and periportal and portocaval nodes. FDG activity levels have also increased. The tumours in the liver have grown – the oncologist said one was 9 cm.

She is scheduled to start chemotherapy again tomorrow with 5FU, Oxaliplatin and Avastin, hoping it will work this time. We also hope your herbs can help, knowing that chemo is only a temporary measure. Looking forward to your reply. Much thanks. God bless.

Another Case: Hoping for a cure with Sabah Snake Grass

17 June 2012

Dear Dr.,

My husband is treating himself with Sabah Snake Grass (plus vegetable and fruit base diet). He is losing weight now.

Going into three weeks, he said he started to feel the pain which he didn’t formerly.

My questions:

Is that the sign of healing process?

Is he developing his immune system by then?

Is it okay for him to experience that pain?

I do not want him to lose hope and give up the mother nature treatment. I would like to get some opinions from you. Thank you.

23 May 2012

Dear, Dr. Chris,My husband is just diagnosed with NPC. He has decided to take the alternative treatment.  We are having travelling problems due to the financial commitments.  Apart from the business debts, my children studies are next in the list.  How I wish I could go to you from Melaka.

We do not want to lose him because of the killing therapy offered from the oncologist and the insurance company. What more when he has witnessed his two brother in-laws died of the same therapy due to leukemia and nerve cancer (which I’m not sure what the scientific name for it). In fact the leukemia patient passed away before his very own eyes.

His father too, does not want him to go for that treatment. He said, enough is enough, he has lost his two son in-laws too soon because of chemo and do not want to lose his only son the same way. I was truly touched by his fatherly tears very early in the morning.  The five children especially the youngest and only son also still need the father to be with them along the way developing their own lives. Of course, I want my husband for his caring and love. He is my source of strength.

Is there in any way that I could do home treatment for my husband? (To start with, we are changing our diet-eliminating farm and dairy product. Going for only vegetables and fruits). Attached are some of the documents you might be interested to see and recommend me what to do next.  I’m still on my way reading your Cancer war book.

Thank you. I am very sure Allah blesses you for all you have done, doing and will do for the needy.

M, Melaka.


Ovarian Cyst

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am one of your reqular subscriber to your news report. I write to you to seek your advice with regards to my girl friend who is suffering from ovary cyst. She is also having a small kidney stone and having gastric problem.

She detected having the cyst since early January, 2012 and has been on medication.  The cyst had been scan at that time and told to be quite small in size.

The doctor has advised her to go for an operation if medication does not help.

But on advice of friends who have suffered similar cyst problems, to forgo such an operation, as the cyst may grow back in a short period of time after removing it.

Early this morning she suffered a severe stomach pain which I suspect may have cause by the ovary cyst.  She has this painful experience whenever her menstrual period comes.  But the pain this morning was almost unbearable. I have no fate in western medication and I believe that your herbal medication may help her in the cyst problem.

Please advise Dr. Teo and how can I take my girlfriend to seek the herbal treatment from you?

My girlfriend is 24 years of age.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to received an early reply from you.



Neuroblastoma Stage – 4 relapse from Canada

Hi Chris
I came across ur website while searching for treatment options for my son S who is 6 year old and was diagnosed in Sept 2010 with stage 4 Neuroblastoma originating in left adrenal gland and his bone marrow as well.

We had gone through the conventional treatment consisting of 6 cycles of chemo, surgery for removal of entire tumor along with left adrenal gland 2 cycles of high dose with Stem Cell transplant and 20 sessions of Radiation therapy. After all this he still shows signs of cancer in her MIBG and Bone marrow byopsy is testing positive as well. Doctors don’t have anything left for him and now we are in for alternative therapy.

We have tried Homeopathy and Naturopathy so far and now trying Ayurvedic (ancient Indian therapy) As you know not many of the doctors in alternative therapies have exposure to Neuroblastoma specifically. That is the reason why I was drawn towards your article. Please suggest what could be done any advice is helpful we can make an appointment on phone at your convenient time. WE NEED YOUR HELP- Please guide us. We are in Canada and like all other parents are willing to do anything for our child.
Waiting for your reply

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people who are so far away. I am half a world away from you. Please find someone nearer home to help.

Hi Chris
Thank you for your quick reply. I don’t think I need to explain how desperate are we to get our child out of this disastorous disease. You are like a light in dark for us. If someone has a cure for this we could go around the globe 10 times for him never mind half the world distance. Pls pls pls help us in this dire situation we don’t have many options left. Please let us know what can we do….Many Thanks


Dear Dr Chris,

My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia. My son, age 6 yrs, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in his abdomen after a ct-scan in NUH Singapore 3 weeks ago. Prof in NUH suggested a biopsy and chemotherapy because the cancer was inoperable. It was too big. according to his judgment my son is in stage 3 or 4 with medium/high risk category. Medical report that we have now is the blood test result and ct-scan result only (written and cd).

We as family decided not to do the biopsy and chemo because of the side effects to my son. After some research, I found your web and interested to ask you if my son is eligible for your treatment.

My son is experiencing weight loss due to eating difficulty as the cancer has pushed his stomach, liver and kidney.

I would like to inquire some information if we are going to your clinic:
1. Does my son need to come along?
2. How long should we stay in Penang?
3. When can we come to see you?

I really appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible so I can arrange the accommodation.

Best regards,


hello..im Andar from perak..i diagnosed with osteosarcoma left tibia in 2008 at age 18 year old..i have done surgery n kimo..on january 2012..i done ct scan..i there is 1 node in my lung..biopsy n removal of node done on march 2012..it is the metasasis of the cancer before..now i have done with ct scan n waiting for the report..i have read your website..n i real all the sucessful story inside..my qustion now..i dont know what to do..i eat everything i like..n i very afraid the cancer come back..i want to know did u have any sugestion or anlernative cure? how much the cost of treatment?

Kidney Cancer Spread to the Lung

Dear Dr. Chris,

Hi,I’m Ef from Jakarta,Indonesia. I’ve been following your blog these last few weeks. I’m interested in giving a try to your herbal medication for my father. Today, the doctor here said that my father has stadium 4 kidney cancer metastasis to lung. Actually last March, the doctor in S’pore told us to operate and remove his left kidney. But we refused to do that. We took herbal medication since then until now. But his conditions are deteriorating. He’s so weak and can’t eat. I would like to consult with you and what can I do for now in Jakarta to take immediate action for him? Can you give me any suggestion for me while I’m here waiting for your schedule with me when I fly to Penang to see you with all my father’s results? When can I see you? Thanks

NPC from Indonesia

Hi. I’m An from indonesia. I want to get some information about your care n medicine. I want to help poor people names pak gunawan who got nasofaring cancer. He got biopsy but still not radiasi n chemo yet. Now he got difficulty to swallow food. What should I do to help him. He try to drink sirsak leave which boiled with water every day. Pls let me know what should I buy for him n how much does it cost. Thank you. Regards.

Shrinking of Tumour — Meaningless

Dear Dr Teo,

Well said. Take a look at the latest Gibb brother that died recently ( One of the Beegees). He had cancer, but according to his son, he died from kidney and liver failure. The son said his cancer was no longer detectable since it shrank so small. However he died from the side effects of the chemo. They are only concern about the tumor not even thinking of the well being of the patient, from the toxic effect of the chemo.

I have a friend who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. As usual doctor recommended chemo. She asked what are the side effects, and he mentioned this will affect her kidney.  She answered,” my kidney is fine, so no thank you ” (meaning she does not want the chemo). The doctor was upset of course.

She went to read all info she can get on alternative to chemo, she did cleansing, juicing, change her diet to mostly vegetahles, did colonics, enema etc. She is fine today, she was diagnosed over 10 years ago.

I long to see the day when chemo and radiation will no longer be used on people. My friends brother in law bled to death, one day after taking a chemo pill. The doctor told him he knows this will not be good for him, and will make him sick. He was recovering and getting better prior to taking the pill. He is only 53 years old and left 2 young daughters. He died last Friday June 1st 2012. What a tragedy and travesty on human life.

Thank you educating people about the natural way of healing cancer. We need more of this, so many needless deaths, we need to get more of this info out to educate the people.

Kidney Cancer

Dear Dr Chris Teo,
Greetings in the Lord.
My friend’s mother is recently diagnosed with a kidney tumour and at the same time some of her arteries are blocked. Does the herbal treatment at your center treat the condition of the heart as well (besides the tumour in the kidney)?
Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your reply.
Reply: Better see a doctor and do what he wants you to do.

Pancreatic Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris

We have heard the testimony of Ps Danny from our Church and would like to enquire how we could make the trip to your clinic.  I have checked the website but there seemed to be some restrictions and I can’t access any information.

We are thinking of bringing our mum up to see you as she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the beginning of the year.  Can you please advise how we could get to you upon arrival at the Penang Airport?  Also, what will be the available date and time that we could see you next week?  Thereafter we’ll try to make arrangement for the airt icket and hopefully we could make the trip in one day.  Look forward to your advice. Thanks & kind regards

Reply: Go into my website www.cacare.com or www.cacare.org and you get all the details that you

are asking for.

Bone Cancer from Hungary

Dear Chris,
I saw some cases on your website of bone mets cured by herbs. My mother is 65 and has metastatic bone cancer of unknown origin. She has severe pains in her back, arms legs. What do you recommend, which herbs: pin tea, bone tea.. shall she take to cure the bones. How could we obtain, buy these herb tablets, teas? Unfortunatelly we can not visit you, as we live in Hungary, Europe. Please give us some hope and advice!  Looking forward to hearing from You, many thanks in advance!

Answer: sorry we cannot help people via the net from far away countries.

An Encounter with an Oncologist – A Great Disappointment

Great story, my dad had pancreatic cancer, I only wish I had come to know about you before he passed away, I’m sure there would have been some hope, he was 80.

Almost 2 years on, I still miss him very much and still trying to figure out how he may have gotten this cancer, he didn’t smoke, drink or had diabetes and ate very well, but also a happy kind man, always making people laugh with his jokes and the best father, gentle and supportive always to his 6 kids… still baffles me today.

I hope this lady is progressing well and hopefully will be full cured at some stage. What an inspiring story and thank you for sharing.

Cancer case from Mongolia

Hi Dr Chris,

I recently went to Mongolia to visit a 27 year old lady who is suffering from a crushing disease called Paraplegic cancer.  Its basically a cancer that is at the throat area.  Her condition is severe and doctors have totally given up hope on her.  I do have a brief diagnosis of her illness and I would like to fax it to you to take a look if you don’t mind.  I will send you some pics of her too.  It is a very heart-breaking sight to see her suffering like that, but her spirit is still very strong and determined to live.  That’s why I feel very compelled to help her.  She has been bed-ridden for abt 7 years.  Everyone is just trying their best to lessen her pain.  Pls advice me if there is any way that your herbs can help her.  Thks so much for your help Dr Chris!

God Bless,

Reply: No, it is extremely difficult to help people from far away places.

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