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Cancer case from Mongolia

Hi Dr Chris,

I recently went to Mongolia to visit a 27 year old lady who is suffering from a crushing disease called Paraplegic cancer.  Its basically a cancer that is at the throat area.  Her condition is severe and doctors have totally given up hope on her.  I do have a brief diagnosis of her illness and I would like to fax it to you to take a look if you don’t mind.  I will send you some pics of her too.  It is a very heart-breaking sight to see her suffering like that, but her spirit is still very strong and determined to live.  That’s why I feel very compelled to help her.  She has been bed-ridden for abt 7 years.  Everyone is just trying their best to lessen her pain.  Pls advice me if there is any way that your herbs can help her.  Thks so much for your help Dr Chris!

God Bless,

Reply: No, it is extremely difficult to help people from far away places.

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