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Lung Cancer from Singapore

Hi Prof Teo,

A friend of mine had introduced your therapy to me and I’m would like to seek your advices and undergo your therapy for my condition. I’m diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4 around March 2011 and had taken Iressa till March 2012 when it’s no longer effective in controlling my condition. Hence, I’m looking into alternative therapy and keen on your CA therapy when my friend passed me 2 of your books.

I’ve made 2 calls to your CA centre and decided to come to Penang from Singapore. I’ll visit your centre on 8th Jun 2012 and hope to seek for your advices/guidance and herbs. Below is the first visitor form for your perusal.

Information Required on First Visit Form

Age: 35
Gender: F

Part 1: Medical history

Cancer: Type, stage and extent of spread (metastasis).

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given. You MUST provide us with copies of all medical reports.

Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4. Started on January 2011 with right chest pain, aching back and arms and chest discomforts during deep breathing but no cough at all.  Thought it was due to hand injury and went for massage and tuina but condition was not improved. Went normal western doctor for x-ray and was asked to go directly to hospital for a more thorough check; went through a series of diagnostic tests, CT scan and showed large tumors on right side of lung and some small tumors on left side too. Then after the biopsy test, it was diagnosed as Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma and I was told to have 6-9 months without any treatment. Started target therapy with Iressa on April 2011 till around March 2012 when right lung is detected with pleural effusion (lung fluid retention) and doctor claimed that Iressa can not longer control the cancer and hence stopped the consumption. Underwent lung fluid drainage procedure and doctor suggested Chemotherapy but I wanted to tried alternative as I understand that Chemo drugs are very destructive to other normal cells as well. So I tried Fucoidan, supplement with probiotic and with TCM herb prescription.

Previous medication:

–         Iressa. Stopped around March 2012 when it detected that it no longer can control the cancer for my condition.

–         TCM prescription: don’t feel much different, unsure.

Current medication:

–         TCM prescription: started around 1.5mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Fucoidan (supplement): started around 1-2mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Probiotic (supplement)

Part C: Your Current Health

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems.

Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious?

Yes. Currently, my condition seems to deteriorate with shortness of breath (panting even when sitting down doing nothing), chest pain, shoulder, back, collar-bone, shoulder blade area aching/pain, occasionally light coughing (sometimes with phlegm, sometimes a little blood streak/clot with phlegm). And the tumor markers shot up. Sometimes the pain is always there and sometimes it’s gone but for a short while only. More pain and discomforts when lying down.


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