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Dear Dr Chris,

My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia. My son, age 6 yrs, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in his abdomen after a ct-scan in NUH Singapore 3 weeks ago. Prof in NUH suggested a biopsy and chemotherapy because the cancer was inoperable. It was too big. according to his judgment my son is in stage 3 or 4 with medium/high risk category. Medical report that we have now is the blood test result and ct-scan result only (written and cd).

We as family decided not to do the biopsy and chemo because of the side effects to my son. After some research, I found your web and interested to ask you if my son is eligible for your treatment.

My son is experiencing weight loss due to eating difficulty as the cancer has pushed his stomach, liver and kidney.

I would like to inquire some information if we are going to your clinic:
1. Does my son need to come along?
2. How long should we stay in Penang?
3. When can we come to see you?

I really appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible so I can arrange the accommodation.

Best regards,

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