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Ovarian Cyst

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am one of your reqular subscriber to your news report. I write to you to seek your advice with regards to my girl friend who is suffering from ovary cyst. She is also having a small kidney stone and having gastric problem.

She detected having the cyst since early January, 2012 and has been on medication.  The cyst had been scan at that time and told to be quite small in size.

The doctor has advised her to go for an operation if medication does not help.

But on advice of friends who have suffered similar cyst problems, to forgo such an operation, as the cyst may grow back in a short period of time after removing it.

Early this morning she suffered a severe stomach pain which I suspect may have cause by the ovary cyst.  She has this painful experience whenever her menstrual period comes.  But the pain this morning was almost unbearable. I have no fate in western medication and I believe that your herbal medication may help her in the cyst problem.

Please advise Dr. Teo and how can I take my girlfriend to seek the herbal treatment from you?

My girlfriend is 24 years of age.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to received an early reply from you.



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