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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Shrinking of Tumour — Meaningless

Dear Dr Teo,

Well said. Take a look at the latest Gibb brother that died recently ( One of the Beegees). He had cancer, but according to his son, he died from kidney and liver failure. The son said his cancer was no longer detectable since it shrank so small. However he died from the side effects of the chemo. They are only concern about the tumor not even thinking of the well being of the patient, from the toxic effect of the chemo.

I have a friend who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. As usual doctor recommended chemo. She asked what are the side effects, and he mentioned this will affect her kidney.  She answered,” my kidney is fine, so no thank you ” (meaning she does not want the chemo). The doctor was upset of course.

She went to read all info she can get on alternative to chemo, she did cleansing, juicing, change her diet to mostly vegetahles, did colonics, enema etc. She is fine today, she was diagnosed over 10 years ago.

I long to see the day when chemo and radiation will no longer be used on people. My friends brother in law bled to death, one day after taking a chemo pill. The doctor told him he knows this will not be good for him, and will make him sick. He was recovering and getting better prior to taking the pill. He is only 53 years old and left 2 young daughters. He died last Friday June 1st 2012. What a tragedy and travesty on human life.

Thank you educating people about the natural way of healing cancer. We need more of this, so many needless deaths, we need to get more of this info out to educate the people.

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