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Lung Cancer from Singapore

Hi Prof Teo,

A friend of mine had introduced your therapy to me and I’m would like to seek your advices and undergo your therapy for my condition. I’m diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4 around March 2011 and had taken Iressa till March 2012 when it’s no longer effective in controlling my condition. Hence, I’m looking into alternative therapy and keen on your CA therapy when my friend passed me 2 of your books.

I’ve made 2 calls to your CA centre and decided to come to Penang from Singapore. I’ll visit your centre on 8th Jun 2012 and hope to seek for your advices/guidance and herbs. Below is the first visitor form for your perusal.

Information Required on First Visit Form

Age: 35
Gender: F

Part 1: Medical history

Cancer: Type, stage and extent of spread (metastasis).

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given. You MUST provide us with copies of all medical reports.

Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 4. Started on January 2011 with right chest pain, aching back and arms and chest discomforts during deep breathing but no cough at all.  Thought it was due to hand injury and went for massage and tuina but condition was not improved. Went normal western doctor for x-ray and was asked to go directly to hospital for a more thorough check; went through a series of diagnostic tests, CT scan and showed large tumors on right side of lung and some small tumors on left side too. Then after the biopsy test, it was diagnosed as Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma and I was told to have 6-9 months without any treatment. Started target therapy with Iressa on April 2011 till around March 2012 when right lung is detected with pleural effusion (lung fluid retention) and doctor claimed that Iressa can not longer control the cancer and hence stopped the consumption. Underwent lung fluid drainage procedure and doctor suggested Chemotherapy but I wanted to tried alternative as I understand that Chemo drugs are very destructive to other normal cells as well. So I tried Fucoidan, supplement with probiotic and with TCM herb prescription.

Previous medication:

–         Iressa. Stopped around March 2012 when it detected that it no longer can control the cancer for my condition.

–         TCM prescription: don’t feel much different, unsure.

Current medication:

–         TCM prescription: started around 1.5mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Fucoidan (supplement): started around 1-2mths, don’t feel the effectiveness, unsure.

–         Probiotic (supplement)

Part C: Your Current Health

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems.

Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious?

Yes. Currently, my condition seems to deteriorate with shortness of breath (panting even when sitting down doing nothing), chest pain, shoulder, back, collar-bone, shoulder blade area aching/pain, occasionally light coughing (sometimes with phlegm, sometimes a little blood streak/clot with phlegm). And the tumor markers shot up. Sometimes the pain is always there and sometimes it’s gone but for a short while only. More pain and discomforts when lying down.


Lung Cancer from India

Dear Sir

This is Gov, my mother is diagnosed with Lung Cancer at Stage 4 two week ago, right now she is undergoing Chemotherapy…… after having done search on Google for alternate therapy, we found ur treatment and testimonial and  we decided to visit you, my mother is in India, i live in Australia, i would like to visit you with all reports and patient signing the consent, pls would u provide me information about ur consultation process, i have been trying to reach ur phone (+604-6595881) for last few days but no one is picking the call. would u pls advise me more i have attached the Biopsy Report

Thanking You



Breast Cancer form Kuala Lumpur – window shopping on line?

Hi, Dr. Teo,

Please find the report from my wife Surgeon from Columbia Asia. We are from KL  She has a left breast mastectomy on May 25. and the tumour is diagnosed at stage 3. The Oncologist from SJMC says 25 sessions of Radio and 6 session of Chemo, plus 17 doses of Herceptin

Is there a way to avoid doing Radio and Chemo and Herceptin? As I read from the net that a lot of side effects including possible long term damage to heart and brain using Herceptin?

Can we do concurrent treatment or just based on your treatment. Also, what is the frequency that we need to travel to Penang for treatment, method at each stage, total duration and the cost of treatment.

Sorry, we are not a pharmacy – we don’t see Iressa

Hi Dr. Chris,

My name is S and I have lately been browsing for information on the anti-cancer drug namely Iressa for my father in law. I understand from your website that the price for this drug is around RM6450 per box. It will be greatly appreciated if you are able to recommend the place for us to purchase the drug at this price as we are actively looking for it. Thank you very much.

Colon Cancer Gone to the Liver from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I’ve come across CA Care while searching online for traditional treatment for my mother-in-law’s colon cancer. Her cancer is already very advanced and it has metastasized to the liver. The doctor said she has 6 months to 1 year to live if she does not go for further chemotherapy.

I’ve been quite impressed at how successfully you have treated many cases of advanced cancers and we would like her to try CA Care Therapy. As we are living at the south, I would like to clarify the following before making our travel plans:

1) I just want to confirm that no appointment is necessary beforehand for consultation. We just need to be there during the consultation hours on Friday or Sunday, correct?

2) I just want to confirm that the patient does not need to be physically present during the consultation, so long as the next-of-kin who knows about the illness is there during the consultation.

3) How long do we need to be in Penang for the first consultation? I suppose we will get the herbs from you directly? or do we need to go elsewhere to get the herbs? We need this info to decide whether we should put up a night in Penang.

4) Are taxis available near your place? If not, is there a bus stop nearby? It would be quite easy to get a taxi to go to your place, but we need to find a mode of transport from your place to Georgetown/airport.

I will e-mail you a copy of the hospital discharge summary tomorrow once I got it scanned. It has a summary of her condition but without the detailed scan photos, etc. If you need the detail report, we have to get the hospital to prepare one for us but it may take weeks for them to prepare the report.

Thank you.

Reply: Go to my website: www.cacare.com or www.cacare.org and see all details about location, etc. There is no need for me to confirm your appointment if you come of the days and time specified in the website. Where are you from?

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m originally from Klang, Selangor, but I’m residing in Singapore now with my wife who is a Singaporean. We plan to take a flight to Penang to visit your centre.

Vascular Tumour Spread to Brain, Lungs and Lower Abdomen

Dear Dr Teo,
I came  to know about you and your treatment for cancer using herbs and other natural ingredients from Sunny.  My niece was diagnosed with heamangiosarcoma which is a very aggresive vascular tumour 3 1/2 months ago.  She went through a surgery to remove one of her breast.  She recovered well from the surgery  and went on for chemotherapy.
She recently collapsed after a few days of illness. Her conditions have since stabilized but the doctors have found that the cancer have spread to her brain, lower abdomen and her lungs. Her oncologist is of the view that her conditions are critical and treatment will be extremely difficult.   I would like to discuss with you the treatment for my niece using your herbs and your approach.  Unfortunately, my niece is not in the condition to travel to Penang to see you. Is there a possibility that I speak with you over the phone and for me to come to Penang to see you?   Do let me know your contact and when it will be convenient for me to call  you.
Would appreciate your prompt response.
Reply: Go into our website: http://www.cacare.com or http://www.cacare.org to know what we do here. I wonder want you expect us to do with such a case – when medical science failed, we do the “magic”?

Leukemia – side effects of chemo

Dear Dr Chris,

I happen to come to know your contact thru my wife’s sister friend recently.  My wife was diagnosed with leukemia on 01 Mar 2012 and since then she had been undergoing chemo treatment in the hospital. Currently she is under stable condition with another 03 to 04 more months chemo treatment to go before it ends. As usual, the side effect from chemo is making her suffer each time and we heard your herbs treatment and thought it would be of help while she is doing her chemo.

As we are staying in KL, would like to seek your advice should we come over to visit you in Penang or what would be the other alternative ways. We sincerely hope that you could help us.

God blessed you, J

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