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Endometriod Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’ am 32 single lady and had been diagnosed with endometriod adenocarcinoma .  I had an operation on 12 July 2012 and they had removed the right ovary and a tumor, which initially was informed a cyst.

The biopsy came out and was diagnosed with the above cancer and was inform it had spread to the left ovary.  As a result, I need to go through another radical operation this 2 weeks before the chemo.

I hope that you will be kind enough to meet up with me for any other solution to cure it tomorrow as I can travel from Perak to come over to meet Dr. Teo.

I will be doing CT scan tomorrow morning, and wish that you are able to meet me tomorrow evening.


Note: I only see patients on Fridays or Sundays – more details see www.cacare.com

Stroke and Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Dear ChrisTeo,

My father in law had the 3rd nerve attack (or “stroke” usually used in Indonesia daily language) early July 2012. After CT- scan & biopsy we found out that he had lung cancer stage 4. After went out from hospital July 14, 2012 he is taking medication at home.

Right now it is hard to walk, not easy to talk. The family is confused. Like you said in your book “Cancer Is There Any Option?” we are looking for a suitable treatment for him.

I heard about you just before my father died of colon cancer in 2008. He went to Mt. Miriam Hospital for chemotherapy. After 4 cycles of treatment he refused to continue & did herbal medication treatment. Six month after that he died on 2nd June, 2008. I also follow your bulletin & facebook.

My father in law medical report attached to this email. I scanned it in chronological. One file is the medical reports in 2009, that ‘s the first time he got nerve attack. That time there was a small mass 3,7 x 3,3 x 2,9 cm3 in the right lung.

The other file is the medical reports in 2012. May 23, 2012 he got “kejang” like epilepsy. It’s the second & third nerve attacked. After taking MRI, CT-Scan and biopsy (lung) the doctor said he had lung cancer stage 4. There are nodules with size 5-10 mm. If we compare with the medical report in 2009, the position is different. His life might be only 3 (three) months left. Only God knows.

I know that it’s very hard and almost impossible to heal like before. But we, the family must do our best effort to cure him. Could you please give advises & what herbal herbs for medication? Thank you for reading this long email. Help us please.

God bless you & your family. Wish your services will develop & help many who need it. Regards, BW.


Lung Cancer, Stage 4 – from New Zealand

Hi Chris,

Looking at your videos on cancer gives lots of confidence, my best friend is suffering with Stage Four Lung Cancer, apart from Chemotherapy he is taking Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), we are interested to see you personally for treatment.

I have couple of questions that boosts our confidence further.

1) we watched video of patient with Terminal Lung Cancer: JW Reclaimed His Health Through CA Care Therapy, so How is JW doing now?

2) Is your herbs similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine or different from that.

Please give reply as soon as possible, and we have to make arrangements to travel Malaysia. Cheers.

Reply:  Where are you from? Stage 4 Lung cancer is difficult. JW was fine for a while then he had pains;  went into the hospital and died after they did whatever. Yes, our herbs are like TCM herbs …what difference can these be from any other herbs?????

Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for you quick reply, in fact we have been contemplating in taking decision to take treatment from you. We are Sri Lankans settled in New Zealand.

Its bit depressing to hear JW died despite medication, we know Stage4 Lung Cancer is life threatening but some where a hope of optimism making us to search for the medication that Cures/prolong-Life.

My friend is currently on Chemotherapy and also Traditional Chinese Medicine, the medication you offer is Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbs)? or different, if it is TCM we feel coming to you doesn’t make much difference, if it is completely different, then treatment may help us we believe.

Please advise on what to do?, we are in state of bit confusion. Sorry for delay, the reason for delay is because of Anxiety and Confusion. Thanks.


Lung Cancer Stage 4 from the Philippines

Good Evening,

See attach file for the medical results of a Stage 4 Cancer Patient Mrs. E. She is currently residing in Cebu Philippines right now.

We need your expertise and study for what will be her best treatment when she goes there to CA Care.

You can contact us thru my Father …contact number yyyyyyy.

If my father cannot be contacted, you can contact me thru this email  or thru contact number xxxx I’m in Singapore right now. Thank you very much and we look forward to the result as soon as possible.

Reply:  There is no cure for lung cancer – no matter what you do you will not cure it. I can only help. To understand better what I am saying you read this…  http://bookoncancer.org/2012/07/04/cancer-is-there-another-option/  I have explained enough in this book … what to expect from us, etc., and how patients benefit from our work. Please read this first.

Extensive Liver Cancer from the Philippines – Sorry we can help by just sitting in front of the computer

Good Day Dr. Chris K. H. Teo! How are you Sir? You will be surprised why I was able to get your email address and I found it in the website when i search from the internet through Google.

So i will just go to the point about my father’s situation as of this moment.  The story why my father was diagnosed with liver cancer a month ago it is because when my father suddenly fell down while he was going down from the stairs in our house and he collapsed. Then we brought him right away to the hospital to know what was the reason why he suddenly fell down and collapsed in his way down from the stairs. So everything was done CT Scan, blood test and everything that is needed  to find the cause why it happened. Then the doctor told us they found out from CT scan results they saw something nodules in the liver and it is like have rupture. That is why my father was sent to the big hospital in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Manila, Philippines because the doctor told us because they do not have surgeons to do the operation in my father’s liver in our village.

Soon our father was brought to PGH in Manila, Philippines for a scheduled liver operation. Then on the day of the liver operation the doctors called us (we children) and told us and shown to us the pictures they took from my father’s liver and they told us they cannot continue the operation because there are many nodules already and it spread not only in liver but till intestines. Right now me his son is here in Singapore working while my family and my father is in the Philippines now.

So maybe if you need the medical records and all the tests done in the hospital we can attach it for your initial findings and suggestion for us. By the way Sir you do not have any clinic here in Singapore? Iif you need to contact me here is my handphone number  +65 xxxx. Thank you and more power. Sincerely yours.

Reply: You need to come and see me with all the medical reports and then send the herbs back by yourself.

Sir Good Morning. I have one more question, is it possible to cure my father with your liver herbal medicine even without his presence for your physical checkup with him in Malaysia because as of this moment our father could even hardly walk to our kitchen where it is just 7 meters away from his bedroom?

How much more if we will bring him to you personally for physical checkup and I think it would be very impossible as of this moment. My suggestion is, it is okay with you Doctor Chris Teo to just send to you by courrier or LBC or DHL all the medical records done to our father by the hospital lately? Thank you very much Sir in advance for your great help to our father and we will be waiting for your reply.

Reply: Yes… and bring all the medical reports / scans etc…everything you know about his problem and the I need to know his present conditions. Then I shall prescribe the herbs…you send them home and let him try.

How to go there because I am here in Singapore working. Where is the address and do I need an appointment with you because I am very far from you because I need to travel from Singapore to Penang? Do you have an skype account Sir so I can communicate with you easily? Thank you.

Reply: From this email,.I suggest that you go and find someone nearby your home and ask him to help you. I am too far away to be able to help. At the end of it all we are all wasting our time. I don’t heal people through the internet or Skype. Please find someone else to help you.

Sorry Sir if I made you upset but I think you misunderstood me. What I mean with the last that I sent to you is I am asking if I need an appointment with you before I go there in Penang bringing all the Medical records. Another question is I  need the address in your clinic in Penang and the 3rd question was I was just asking if you have an account in skype to communicate well and not just chatting nonsense. Hoping you will understand me. Again i am sorry if it made you upset and I do not mean anything against you.

Reply: Go to our website, www.cacare.org and read the last section about online help. We cannot help people just by writing emails. All other info you need are there in the website.

Pancreatic Cancer – 78 yrs old. Onco said chemo!

Dr Chris,
I was being referred to you by a cancer survivor. My father aged 78years old was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer stage 4. Doctors in Hukm has put him on palliative treatment. 2nd opinion from Dato Dr I suggested chemo treatment suitable for his age. However, it’s not to cure but to give him comfort and perhaps prolong his life for a couple of years. I’m reluctant because of his current condition.

Pls advise if you can assist even if to minimize his pain with your herbal meds.

My father has indicated that he wants to get well if possible and he even said he wants a chemo but I don’t think he knows the pain of chemo effect and the challenge of regeneration of new cells

He is now 39.5kg. When he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, he was 44kg. He has lost his appetite to eat and drink. However, he has strong will power. He can pray standing, He can walk around, go to mosque and pray and managed to fast on the first day of fasting. I’m reluctant for chemo as I’m afraid he might be worst and not being able to regenerate his cells as at current condition is has lost his appetite to eat.

He had hypertension with old CVA 10 years ago and now fully recovered. He was a smoker, quit when diagnosed.

Also has 1 year history of altered bowel habit and constipation

Rectal exam revealed thrombosed hemorrhoid.
CA19-9: 18402.6
PSA : 5.4

The findings after abdomen/pelvis CT scan, are as follow:
1. Body of pancreas is hypodens with one cystic mass in the tail of the pancreas measuring 2.8 x 2.9 cm. USG shows hypoechoic body and tail of pancreas with cystic lesion

2. There are 2 hypodense lesion in the segment viii and ii of the liver measuring 1.9 x 2 cm and 0.5 x 0.5 cm. segment viii enhanced at periphery. Reversed attenuation of the liver and spleen due to fatty changes of the liver

3. Main portal vein is dilated at 1.7cm with thrombosis inside. IHD and CBD are not dilated.

4. Presence of free fluid in perhepatic and perisplenic region

5. Presence of subcentimeter coelic nodes

6. Presence of free fluid in perhepatic and perisplenic lesion

7. Corresponding usg shows a hypoechoiclesion with hyperechogenicity inside (target lesion) at segment viii

8. Spleen n both adrenals and right kidney are normal

9. No bowel dilation n no bowel related mass

10. Urinary bladder is not distended

11. No lytic sclerotic lesion seen in visualized bones

12. Lung bases are normal, no lung nodule seen

Pancreatic hypodensity with psudocyst and portal vein thrombosis suggestive of pancreatic ca with liver metastatis.

The ct scan was done on 05/07/2012

Hope to hear from u soon. I would have called your clinic but noticed that your clinic is open Monday to Friday.

Reply: Thanks for your email. And you are from ????? You are right, pancreatic cancer is very very difficult. No cure but we can try our best, meantime go into my website: www.cacare.com or www.cancercaremalaysia.com and read.

Dr Chris, thank you for your prompt reply. I’m based in Oman. I’m a Malaysian and all of my family members including my father are in KL.

Endometriosis from East Kalimantan

Dear Dr Chris Teo & team,

Doctor just diagnoses me last week that there is a cyst endometriosis size 5x5cm. This is the 3rd time after I had laparoscopy surgeryon 2003 and November 2011. I think the progression from November 2011 to the current is too fast in just over eight months.

Please help me, and give me the guidance the foods or everything that I should avoid.

Thank you and best regards.

Lung Cancer – Now Undergoing Chemo

Btw, my mum is undergoing her 5th chemo cycle, probably going to complete her last chemo, 6th chemo in August. She has been responding well, though with occasional slight fever and back pain. She has been watching her diet  too, fish, veges and fruits, and no meat.

She’s a very determined person, open to alternative treatment. She’s taking Papaya leaves at times, and thinking about Sabah Snake Grass recently.

I’ve been sharing with her about you and your wife, and what CA Care is all about. I shared with her about Rodent Tuber, but since it is called Keladi Tikus in Malay, it has the negative connotation, she heard and thought it may be poisonous. I’ve slowly trying to educate her that it was due to the shape of the flower.

My plan is for her to take on the CA Care Therapy after the 6th cycle. If all going well, by God’s grace, I’ll follow up with the First Visit form, and the necessary details.

Thank you once again Prof. Chris. Your books have been such a great help.

Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Melbourne

Dear Dr Chris,

I came to know your institution through our friends.

My husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and spread to liver and bone 10 days ago.

He had his first chemotherapy a few days ago on 10th July. The next one will be on the 17th July.

We live in Melbourne, Australia and I am interested to visit you in Penang. My husband will not come with me.

Please allow me to query so that my trip will be rightly scheduled and fully utilised:

1. What days and time can I meet with you?

2. Do I have to stay in Penang for long?

3. What do I have to carry with me?

4. Would it be good to start taking your medication now or wait until the series of chemos are completed? And why?

5. Any other suggestions please?

My husband details:

Age: 55 years

Usually healthy but in the last few months he has lost 7 kg and loosing eating appetite. He was taken for X-ray and subsequently CT scan and biopsy. The cancer was confirmed from the biopsy.

Thank you for your attention and I waiting for your reply.



Leptin Test – where to do this?

Dear Dr Chris,

So thoughtful of you to send me on a regular basis on what is happening in this “small” world re     Health Challenging Issues. So informative. So beneficial. Many thanks. Doc, I do need a favour from you pertaining to getting a leptin test.

I would be grateful if you can lead me to the nearest laboratory in Malaysia and or it’s surrounding countries to do the leptin test.

As recommended by Dr Ron Rosedale, the most reliable test for monitoring leptin levels is the RadioImmunoAssay (RIA) which utilizes an antibody that response to leptin in a fasting blood sample. It’s a pretty new test. It highly recommended by Naturopath’s doctor. It tells one, in many ways if one is healthy or unhealthy.

I intend to embark on Dr. Rosedale’s low fat, adequate protein and high fat diet. Unlearning to burn sugar and learn to burn fat. For 18 months I’ve been on Dr Mercola diet. It was good but there’re short-comings. Being a mixed type, it somehow promotes too much protein. It got my sugar elevated even when I’m not suppose do, eg, sleeping.

I do need the leptin test to be close-by. The test will need to be retest after 3 months, 6 months and there after on an annual basis. The closer the better. ( There’re other tests. These are available in S’pore.

Thank you.

B’Well, B’Healthy & B’Happy

Note:  A blood test for the hormone leptin may be an effective way to gauge how much excess fat a person is carrying.Checking the level of leptin in the bloodstream may be more accurate than relying solely on the traditional body mass index (BMI) to assess body fat,.

Lung Cancer – Stage 4

Dear Dir Chris K.H Teo,

Got your contact from one of your patient, J’s husband who got nose cancer but she told me he had recovered. I would like to check with you about my sister who confirmed got lung cancer stage 4th (final stage Doctor said). Her report shown as below:

Smears show many isolated singly dispersed pleomorphic cells amidst a background of neutrophils, lumphocytes and macrophages. These pleomorphic cells have large dysplastic nucleus, occasional prominent nucleolus and fairly abundant cytoplasm. Dysplastic squamous cells are also seen. No 3D ball clusters or gland formation seen.

Interpretation: Malignant cells seen, compatible with a carcinoma. Features are suggestive of a squamous cell carcinoma. (reported on 19 June 2012).

My sister is supposed to do chemo on June 2012 but she refused to do it and at present she is taking some supplements which cure cancer and take some Chinese herbs as well to prevent or clear lungs fluids. My sister is a school teacher and she is not a smoker and she was a vegetarian and we don’t understand why she will got this cancer.

Dr. Chris, can you please look into this and reply me ASAP. Your urgent reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago – recurrence!

Hi Dr. Teo,
I came across your website and would like to bring my mom for a consultation. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago. She had been through the surgery to remove the ovary and also chemotherapy after that. Since then, she has been on organic natural supplement treatment. Recently, she encountered some spot bleeding and she already been through the post menopause. As well, recent CT scan showed there is cancer at 6 different areas. I’m currently on vacation visiting and just wondering if there is other day and time that we can bring her to your centre other than Friday and Sunday. Thanks.

Breast Cancer from Singapore: 10 percent Benefit of Chemo?

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

I am J from Singapore, I was recommended by my cell group leader M to seek your advice on my Breast Cancer treatment. I had 2 tumors on my right breast and had it remove on 28 June 2012 by mastectomy. The 2 tumors are sizes 2.3cm and 1.9cm grade 1 and 2 .The 2.3 cm is Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. The tumor cells show dissuse, strong immunoreactivity for synaptophysin and focal positivity for chromogranin. The 1.9cm is Invasive ductual carinoma, NOS. Negative for synaptophysin and chromogranin.

The doctor says both are Estrogen receptor CloneSP1): Postive >95% strong nuclear staining. Progesterone receptor (Clone 1 E2) Positive>95% strong nuclear staining. and CerbB2 (Clone 4B5) Negative Score 0 another one is Equivocal, score 2+.

My Question is that my doctor advised me to do a course of Chemo and to take pill to lower my hormone level for 5 to 7 yrs to stop the cancer recurring for the next 15 years. If I choose to take the oral pill than chances of recurring will be 65 to 70% instead of 75% or more. I think for another 10% increase chances of recurring I do not want to go thru the Chemo.

Dr Chris Teo, I want to take the oral pills and plus take the natural herbs ways- is it possible. I am already 50 yrs old going to meonopause and believe that my hormone level should come down.

Please advise me, do you come down to Singapore or I must travel to Penang to meet you. If you need details of the tumors result I can email it to you.

Thanks. Regards


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