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Leptin Test – where to do this?

Dear Dr Chris,

So thoughtful of you to send me on a regular basis on what is happening in this “small” world re     Health Challenging Issues. So informative. So beneficial. Many thanks. Doc, I do need a favour from you pertaining to getting a leptin test.

I would be grateful if you can lead me to the nearest laboratory in Malaysia and or it’s surrounding countries to do the leptin test.

As recommended by Dr Ron Rosedale, the most reliable test for monitoring leptin levels is the RadioImmunoAssay (RIA) which utilizes an antibody that response to leptin in a fasting blood sample. It’s a pretty new test. It highly recommended by Naturopath’s doctor. It tells one, in many ways if one is healthy or unhealthy.

I intend to embark on Dr. Rosedale’s low fat, adequate protein and high fat diet. Unlearning to burn sugar and learn to burn fat. For 18 months I’ve been on Dr Mercola diet. It was good but there’re short-comings. Being a mixed type, it somehow promotes too much protein. It got my sugar elevated even when I’m not suppose do, eg, sleeping.

I do need the leptin test to be close-by. The test will need to be retest after 3 months, 6 months and there after on an annual basis. The closer the better. ( There’re other tests. These are available in S’pore.

Thank you.

B’Well, B’Healthy & B’Happy

Note:  A blood test for the hormone leptin may be an effective way to gauge how much excess fat a person is carrying.Checking the level of leptin in the bloodstream may be more accurate than relying solely on the traditional body mass index (BMI) to assess body fat,.

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