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Extensive Liver Cancer from the Philippines – Sorry we can help by just sitting in front of the computer

Good Day Dr. Chris K. H. Teo! How are you Sir? You will be surprised why I was able to get your email address and I found it in the website when i search from the internet through Google.

So i will just go to the point about my father’s situation as of this moment.  The story why my father was diagnosed with liver cancer a month ago it is because when my father suddenly fell down while he was going down from the stairs in our house and he collapsed. Then we brought him right away to the hospital to know what was the reason why he suddenly fell down and collapsed in his way down from the stairs. So everything was done CT Scan, blood test and everything that is needed  to find the cause why it happened. Then the doctor told us they found out from CT scan results they saw something nodules in the liver and it is like have rupture. That is why my father was sent to the big hospital in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Manila, Philippines because the doctor told us because they do not have surgeons to do the operation in my father’s liver in our village.

Soon our father was brought to PGH in Manila, Philippines for a scheduled liver operation. Then on the day of the liver operation the doctors called us (we children) and told us and shown to us the pictures they took from my father’s liver and they told us they cannot continue the operation because there are many nodules already and it spread not only in liver but till intestines. Right now me his son is here in Singapore working while my family and my father is in the Philippines now.

So maybe if you need the medical records and all the tests done in the hospital we can attach it for your initial findings and suggestion for us. By the way Sir you do not have any clinic here in Singapore? Iif you need to contact me here is my handphone number  +65 xxxx. Thank you and more power. Sincerely yours.

Reply: You need to come and see me with all the medical reports and then send the herbs back by yourself.

Sir Good Morning. I have one more question, is it possible to cure my father with your liver herbal medicine even without his presence for your physical checkup with him in Malaysia because as of this moment our father could even hardly walk to our kitchen where it is just 7 meters away from his bedroom?

How much more if we will bring him to you personally for physical checkup and I think it would be very impossible as of this moment. My suggestion is, it is okay with you Doctor Chris Teo to just send to you by courrier or LBC or DHL all the medical records done to our father by the hospital lately? Thank you very much Sir in advance for your great help to our father and we will be waiting for your reply.

Reply: Yes… and bring all the medical reports / scans etc…everything you know about his problem and the I need to know his present conditions. Then I shall prescribe the herbs…you send them home and let him try.

How to go there because I am here in Singapore working. Where is the address and do I need an appointment with you because I am very far from you because I need to travel from Singapore to Penang? Do you have an skype account Sir so I can communicate with you easily? Thank you.

Reply: From this email,.I suggest that you go and find someone nearby your home and ask him to help you. I am too far away to be able to help. At the end of it all we are all wasting our time. I don’t heal people through the internet or Skype. Please find someone else to help you.

Sorry Sir if I made you upset but I think you misunderstood me. What I mean with the last that I sent to you is I am asking if I need an appointment with you before I go there in Penang bringing all the Medical records. Another question is I  need the address in your clinic in Penang and the 3rd question was I was just asking if you have an account in skype to communicate well and not just chatting nonsense. Hoping you will understand me. Again i am sorry if it made you upset and I do not mean anything against you.

Reply: Go to our website, www.cacare.org and read the last section about online help. We cannot help people just by writing emails. All other info you need are there in the website.

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