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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Lung Cancer – Now Undergoing Chemo

Btw, my mum is undergoing her 5th chemo cycle, probably going to complete her last chemo, 6th chemo in August. She has been responding well, though with occasional slight fever and back pain. She has been watching her diet  too, fish, veges and fruits, and no meat.

She’s a very determined person, open to alternative treatment. She’s taking Papaya leaves at times, and thinking about Sabah Snake Grass recently.

I’ve been sharing with her about you and your wife, and what CA Care is all about. I shared with her about Rodent Tuber, but since it is called Keladi Tikus in Malay, it has the negative connotation, she heard and thought it may be poisonous. I’ve slowly trying to educate her that it was due to the shape of the flower.

My plan is for her to take on the CA Care Therapy after the 6th cycle. If all going well, by God’s grace, I’ll follow up with the First Visit form, and the necessary details.

Thank you once again Prof. Chris. Your books have been such a great help.

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