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Lung Cancer Stage 4 from the Philippines

Good Evening,

See attach file for the medical results of a Stage 4 Cancer Patient Mrs. E. She is currently residing in Cebu Philippines right now.

We need your expertise and study for what will be her best treatment when she goes there to CA Care.

You can contact us thru my Father …contact number yyyyyyy.

If my father cannot be contacted, you can contact me thru this email  or thru contact number xxxx I’m in Singapore right now. Thank you very much and we look forward to the result as soon as possible.

Reply:  There is no cure for lung cancer – no matter what you do you will not cure it. I can only help. To understand better what I am saying you read this…  http://bookoncancer.org/2012/07/04/cancer-is-there-another-option/  I have explained enough in this book … what to expect from us, etc., and how patients benefit from our work. Please read this first.

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