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Pancreatic Cancer – 78 yrs old. Onco said chemo!

Dr Chris,
I was being referred to you by a cancer survivor. My father aged 78years old was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer stage 4. Doctors in Hukm has put him on palliative treatment. 2nd opinion from Dato Dr I suggested chemo treatment suitable for his age. However, it’s not to cure but to give him comfort and perhaps prolong his life for a couple of years. I’m reluctant because of his current condition.

Pls advise if you can assist even if to minimize his pain with your herbal meds.

My father has indicated that he wants to get well if possible and he even said he wants a chemo but I don’t think he knows the pain of chemo effect and the challenge of regeneration of new cells

He is now 39.5kg. When he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, he was 44kg. He has lost his appetite to eat and drink. However, he has strong will power. He can pray standing, He can walk around, go to mosque and pray and managed to fast on the first day of fasting. I’m reluctant for chemo as I’m afraid he might be worst and not being able to regenerate his cells as at current condition is has lost his appetite to eat.

He had hypertension with old CVA 10 years ago and now fully recovered. He was a smoker, quit when diagnosed.

Also has 1 year history of altered bowel habit and constipation

Rectal exam revealed thrombosed hemorrhoid.
CA19-9: 18402.6
PSA : 5.4

The findings after abdomen/pelvis CT scan, are as follow:
1. Body of pancreas is hypodens with one cystic mass in the tail of the pancreas measuring 2.8 x 2.9 cm. USG shows hypoechoic body and tail of pancreas with cystic lesion

2. There are 2 hypodense lesion in the segment viii and ii of the liver measuring 1.9 x 2 cm and 0.5 x 0.5 cm. segment viii enhanced at periphery. Reversed attenuation of the liver and spleen due to fatty changes of the liver

3. Main portal vein is dilated at 1.7cm with thrombosis inside. IHD and CBD are not dilated.

4. Presence of free fluid in perhepatic and perisplenic region

5. Presence of subcentimeter coelic nodes

6. Presence of free fluid in perhepatic and perisplenic lesion

7. Corresponding usg shows a hypoechoiclesion with hyperechogenicity inside (target lesion) at segment viii

8. Spleen n both adrenals and right kidney are normal

9. No bowel dilation n no bowel related mass

10. Urinary bladder is not distended

11. No lytic sclerotic lesion seen in visualized bones

12. Lung bases are normal, no lung nodule seen

Pancreatic hypodensity with psudocyst and portal vein thrombosis suggestive of pancreatic ca with liver metastatis.

The ct scan was done on 05/07/2012

Hope to hear from u soon. I would have called your clinic but noticed that your clinic is open Monday to Friday.

Reply: Thanks for your email. And you are from ????? You are right, pancreatic cancer is very very difficult. No cure but we can try our best, meantime go into my website: www.cacare.com or www.cancercaremalaysia.com and read.

Dr Chris, thank you for your prompt reply. I’m based in Oman. I’m a Malaysian and all of my family members including my father are in KL.

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