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Epitheloid Sarcoma Stage 4

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

On 21/6/12, my husband underwent wide excision of the Chest wall tumour with a muscle flap closure of the defect.T he operative findings were:

1) Large tumour right anterior chest wall measuring 10cm x 8cm that involves part of the mid sternum and closely adherent to underlying ribs.

2) Apical lesion on chest wall with direct invasion of apical segment of the right lung.

The chest wall tumour was removed with a wide margin and the apical lung segment was excised in toto.

He was in stage 4 Epitheloid Sarcoma, likely metastasis. The surgery was done at Damansara Specialist Centre PJ and since it was a major operation, the cardiothoracic surgeon was performed by the same surgeon who did Dr. Mahathir some time ago. He has made a slow recovery and about a month ago, he developed post-operative pleural effusion which was drained with cathether by the Radiologist. No malignant cells were found in the fluid.

I have heard/read about you and the herbs few months ago and in fact my husband is on Keladi Tikus capsules that I bought online through Cancerfight.com (manufactured in Kelantan). I wish I can bring my husband to meet you in Penang but he is too weak to travel from P.Jaya.

I also know that the capsules he has been taking for few weeks now is not exactly enough and the same with what you have in the clinic. I know the ‘pantang’ and he followed as advised.

My husband’s condition now is not too good and I transferred him to UMMC (UH) instead because the previous hospital wanted to do Chemo and Radio on him. In UH, the oncologist suggested only Radio depending on the results of the latest CT Scan scheduled in few days time. Meanwhile, to ease the pain and the swelling on his right neck, shoulder and back that started lately, he was given morphine and steroid throughout his stay since he checked in on 2nd day of Raya.

My concern now, will the drugs give an impact on the herbs and vice-versa. What shall I do next? Can I order from you all the necessary capsules/tea that is best suited for my husband? If it can be done, I would really appreciate it. Me and my husband have nothing to lose and won’t stop trying because we believe in faith and God. He is going to be 50 next month and we have 3 children – 16, 13 and 10 years of age.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Lung Cancer from Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

I am from Bangladesh. My father caught by lung cancer. We have already given him chemotherapy as per suggestion of doctors of Bangladesh. As per doctors of Bangladesh there is no way of doing operation right now and the only treatment is to control it via Chemo or Radio Therapy. Here I have attached his diagnosis reports scan copy. He is currently taking following medicines –

1.      losectil 20 mg (omeprazole usp) 1+0+1(15 days)

2.      omidon 10 mg (domperidone) 1+1+1 (7 days)

3.      becosules gold capsule (vitamin b-complex and vitamin c). 0+1+0 (1 month)

4.      Maxsulin r 100 (insulin) 10+8+6(+ – 2) continue

5.      progace tablets 160 mg ( megestrol acetate usp) 1+0+0 (7 days)

6.      gabapen 300 mg (gabapentin usp 300 mg) 1+0+1 (15 days)

7.      atarax 10 mg(hydroxyzine 2hcl) 0+0+1 ( 3 days)

8.      toradol 10 mg(ketorolac tromethamine)  1+0+1 (if pain)

9.      oragurd oral gel (miconazole bp oral gel) 1+1+1 (14 days)

10.  levox 500 mg (levofloxacin 500 mg)  1+0+0 (7 days)

11.  flagyl 400 mg (metronidazole) 1+1+1 (3  days)

12.  tramic (tranexamic acid bp 500 mg) 1+1+1 (5 days)
I am waiting for your kind feedback. Your best regards.

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry I cannot help people by just sitting in front of the computer. The patient needs to come and see me personally or at least someone who knows come and tell me what is the problem. No chemo or herbs can cure lung cancer. You go and see my articles in www.CancerCareMalaysia.com on what I wrote about lung cancer.

Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour from Indonesia: Doctor needs help too

To : Prof. Chris K H Teo,

I’m RPR, MD. I have got your email address from my friend, Ber, MD. She advised me to asked about my father disease. I would like to ask your opinion about the disease and any treatment. In beginning, there was swollen on the left calf and had been got wide excision in August 2009, and Pathologic result was GCT tendon sheath. Then, about 1 year later, he got other swollen on his left back and right tight and had been got wide excision and Pathologic result was MPNST (Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor). He got radiotherapy about 12 times (4000 Currie).

And about 1 year after that he get fracture on his right shaft humerus, with pathologic feature was metastase. There is no other bone metastase on bone survey examination but not doing bone scan and not chemotherapy. By now, he was complaint there is swollen at his head and right gluteus about 15 x 8 x 3 cm. I would like to ask you to give me any advice for the further treatment as your better opinion. I would like to say thank you so much for your any advice for me. Thank you. RP, North Sumatra.

Reply: Hello Doc., Sorry for the delay in replying. Based on the above information, I must say I cannot say much of what is going on. It looks like the cancer is spreading from one site to another. And if you do a PET scan you may see many other spots somewhere else? It is hard for me to say much and there is no magic bullet here for such problem. I wonder what do you want me to do? Do you believe in what we are doing in the first place? Regards.

Thank you Prof. Chris,

I believe that you can help my dad tumour problems by your methods. I want to try this because I know you had been success in treating patients. I have read your website, and know from my friend Ber. I need to try and I want this can work for my dad too.  My dad condition is conscious and likely normal status,  no dyspnea, no decreasing weight, still eat and drink and still can doing daily activity. These tumours are likely featuring locally but I’m not sure. I hope it is not spreading.

Yes, I want to performing PET Scan anyway. But, if your method treatment can help, why not. Maybe you want me and my dad come to Penang, but really I want to do it, but not now. I don’t have any time in this month. Please, could you give me any solution? What’s the first step must I doing for this?

From Hong Kong – Herbs to prevent Kidney Cancer?

Dear Chris,

I read your website and interested in learning about the herbs for  kidney tumor.  I am currently living in Hong Kong.  Please tell me how I can order the herbs and the price.  Thank you so much for your help.

Go to my website: www.cacare.org and read. I need all the medical reports.

Dear Chris,

I am not sure if I have kidney cancer, but I would like to take herb as a preventive.

Reply: I am sorry I don’t think there is such thing as preventive.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your prompt reply. May I provide you with more details. I have kidney discomfort on the
left side.  I plan to have an ultrasound done in the future.  But I know if the diagnosis is positive I will be pressured to do chemo.

I rather take the herbs now before the ultrasound.  I believe the herbs should be beneficial to me even if I do not have kidney cancer. Thus, I hope you can help me in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.

Eighteen Months Old from Bangalore, India

Hello Chris,

I was going through some articles about chemotherapy and came across your  websitewww.cancercaremalaysia.com. After going through the website I have got a new hope for my daughter.

Please find the attached files of MRI images, MRI report & biopsy report of my 18 months daughter.

The first symptoms were about a month back when her blinking of both the eyes was uneven. She used to blink her right eye less as compared to left eye & had lot of tears flowing through right eye. When consulted our pediatric, he first thought it might be due to some infection. He prescribed neusporin. After 4-5 days, her tears stopped & even she stopped blinking her right eye. By then her mouth was little deviated in the right side. When consulted my pediatric he doubted Right facial nerve palsy & suggested a neurologist. Neurologist also doubted the same, prescribed some vitamin syrups & told it’ll be cured in 6 weeks.

We consulted another neurologist for second opinion & he suggested for MRI scan. We got MRI Contrast & brain stem tractography scan done on 05 July. In MRI scan we got the tumor near brain stem (Large Pontine glioma). I’ve attached couple of photos & MRI report. By this time my daughter was not able to walk straight. Her balance was more towards left side & she often fell while walking. Even her head is tilted to left side. 

We also consulted a neurosurgeon, Dr. Rao, who agreed to do a biopsy to check the tumor. Biopsy was done on 11 July & I’ve attached Biopsy report. /biopsy report says its ependymoblastoma.

Post biopsy, her blinking of the eye still persists & even her neck is still tilted towards left. She is still not able to walk & she is still recovering from biopsy operation.

Dr. Rao had referred to Dr. Patil, oncologist, where they suggest Chemotherapy. I’ve attached Pathalogist report of HCG hospital also dated 24 July. Report says its CNS primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET).

I am not sure which stage is the tumor is in. Since today morning she is not able to sit properly. She needs support sit. She is not having control on her neck & her left eye is not aligned with right eye (the retina of left eye moves separately & right eye retina moves separately). She is feeling uneasy n wants to be on bed sleeping all the time. These all are additional symptoms to the existing old ones.

My wife and I are not in favor of chemotherapy. But looking at her symptoms all my relatives are suggesting me to go in for chemotherapy & even my doctor is telling me take decision quickly.

Please help me out as am not able to take a decision about my daughter’s life.

If u suggest, I can come down to Penang. Thank You.

Reply: Where are you from? And she is only 18 months old? It would be very, very hard for her to drink all those bitter and smelly herbal tea.

Hello sir,
Thank you for the quick reply. I am from Bangalore, India.I went through your interactions with patients and I somehow feel your medication would help us out. I do understand that the medicine would be bitter and smelly, but I feel that would be much better than going through painful chemotherapy. Please suggest us on this. My doctor is insisting for chemo from Monday or Tuesday and has asked to get chemo port put in by Monday. I really don’t want her to go through that painful procedure. Pls suggest us at the earliest. I can fly to your place whenever reqd. Thank you once again. Regards.

Reply: Thanks for your email. It is indeed very hard for me to advise what to do exactly. It is trying to choose between the deep blue sea and the devil. We cannot know what is the best course of action. And I have to be very frank with you because I don’t want to mislead you.

I would not have any hesitation if your daughter is a bit older. Last night I had a young boy with leukemia and I believe he benefited from our herbs …but for a one plus … I really don’t know.

I also know what chemo is a disaster. There is no future at all. Even if it helps now it is going to be more cancer in the future. There was a young Indian girl who came, she had radiation and that killed her.

But if you think I can help, you can come and see me. Bring all the MRI and medical reports and we discuss. But also remember that we can only try out best.

There is R from India whose son-in-law flew in from New Delhi. The doctor gave up on him. He took the herbs and scan showed he got better. That’s amazing but he is an old man, not a one plus.

Please think seriously if you really need to come and see me.

Hello Dr. Chris,
We have thought upon this and have decided to go in for ur medication. Now I have checked with my friends and have come across my college classmate who stays in KL. She can come down to your place with all reports and maybe I can speak to you over the phone then. Please let me know if we have any other options. Thank you.

Neuroblastoma from the US

My daughter has stage 3 neuroblastoma. She went thru 4 rounds of chemotherapy and now the DR said her tumor shrink a bit but not as much. I would like more information of the TCM Chinese herb. Please I’m going crazy please respond.

Reply: Where are you from? How old is your daughter? Give more details, Going razy is not the answer to problems.

My daughter is 14 months she was diagnosed when she was 10 months. I’m from los Angeles CA. Tell me about the TCM Chinese treatment and how does it work or any other home remedies

Metastatic Breast Cancer

I am in the process of fighting metastatic breast cancer. I have mets to bone, liver, and brain. Since May, I have undergone gamma knife for brain tumors. I am scheduled for my first MRI since the procedure on August 20. I had the TACE procedure on both lobes in July, and will find out those results on the 20th as well.

I was first dx with breast ca in June of 2001. I received a mastectomy with 1 out of 16 nodes positive. ER+PR-HER2-. I was dx 7 years later with mets to bone. Two years later (1/2011) mets to liver. April 2012, mets to brain.

It is hard to stay positive when I am so tired.Thank you reading my post.
Warmest regards, Terry

Comment: There goes the proven, scientific cure for cancer




Cancer of the Rectum from Johor

Thanks, Dr. Chris for your info. I’ve rectal cancer at stage 4. Have done my surgery (in Jan, 2012), 11 cycles of chemotherapy (2011) and 25 times of radiotherapy (2011). But the tumors recur that spread to both of my lungs and liver.

Now the oncologist here suggest to go for further 9 to 12 cycles of Avastin and 5-FU chemo. I’ve refused. I’ll start the diet that Mr. Lee gave me and will have the herbs soon. One of these days, I’ll fly over to Penang and meet you. Once again, thanks a lot for your unique info for cancer that I’ve learn a lot by reading from your website. Hope to see you soon.

God Bless you.

Breast Cancer from Jakarta

Excuse Me, Dr. Chris K.H. Teo,

My name is Wi from Indonesia. My mother had a breast cancer on her right breast. She already got biopsy, and told that her cancer is grade 3 and the diameter is 3cm. But her body and psychology looks great. Her breast structure looks still good, only a little bit bigger than before. Doctor in here recommended that my mother should take a surgery, chemotherapy, and so on.

Questions :

  1. What i want to ask is, can my family come to your place (CA Care as I know) and get a better solution for    my mother’s problem beside taking a surgery and chemotherapy stuff?
  2.  And then, when we can meet in your place? Are you in holiday right know? (because its holiday in Indonesia right know).
  3.  If it is possible, we will go to your place (CA Care) this week.

Stomach-Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Singapore. Chemo – no thanks!

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am EO from Singapore.  I’ve your contact from my area pastor Danny.

My family and I would appreciate if you could help my father, 77 years old, a recent convert. He was admitted to hospital on 8 Aug for a stomach ulcer.  After a scope, x ray, scans, blood tests and biopsy my father is diagnosed to have lung and stomach cancer, spreading to liver (spots) and bones.  He is going for a scan on the head and bones on Wed.   Dr has given him three months and an option of chemo. However, we have decided not to take chemo or radiotherapy but quality care for him.

Dr. Chris, we would be grateful if you could offer your help.Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless!


Stage 4 Lymphoma

Dear Doctor Chris,

I’m W, referred by Pastor Danny. I’m from Malaysia, Kedah. My dad was diagnosed on 2/8/12.

(a) base on tongue, left: Chronic inflammation with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia.

(b) left neck lymph nodes from level III and V: Features consistent with T cell lymphoma (Angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma)

Pet scan 13/08/12: Was told by doctor is stage 2

Bone marrow 11/08/12:  Report is not out, was told by doctor is effected

I need to call you for some query, can I call you tonight ?

Reply: You need to come and see me. No, I cannot talk over the phone. I need to see all the medical reports.


Dear Doctor Chris,

We decided to start chemo treatment next week to reduce the size of the lump first as buying time, after that go for alternative treatment or herb treatment. My dad can’t swallow much, mouth ulcer, the neck lump getting bigger every day, weaker every day.

The biopsy test last week,unluckily make the wound infected. The chemo treatment was delayed because of that.

I’m lost, my dad currently at stage 4 after the bone is affected. Seek for your kind advice. Appreciated. God bless!


Lymphoma from East Malaysia

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mom has just been diagnose with lymphoma. We would like to meet you to better understand the alternative treatment that you can offer. The thing is we are from East Malaysia & would appreciate if you can confirm your availability tomorrow before flying out tonight. Hope to hear from you the soonest.


Reply: Sure, come and see me tomorrow if you like,

Cancerous Breast Lump – No guarantee surgery can cure!

Dear Dr. Teo,

Two weeks ago, my wife found lump on her left breast then we went to see the doctor to check the status of her lump. The doctor asked us to do the USG, so she sent us to the hospital.

The USG doctor said that maybe it was a Tumors the size about 2 cm. Then we went to oncologist in Semarang, and we consulted the USG result with the doctor. He said it was Tumors and the only way to cure was surgery. He couldn’t decided it was benign or malignant Tumors until the surgery, and he couldn’t guarantee whether my wife will 100% cured after surgery or the Tumors can re-grow. We shocked with his statement, and we felt disappointed. So we felt hopeless and backed home.  So far we have tried some herbal medicine to minimize the tumors growth.

We have plan to go to Penang to check the status of the Tumors once again to get right diagnose and then we will go to see you in Cancer Care. Please help us, what should we do.

Best regards,

Ovarian Cancer from Singapore

Hi Chris,

I just called your center and I will be travelling to Penang on 26/8/12 and will visit CACARE at 7pm.

This is for my sister who has ovarian cancer and we have just finished seeing the doctor and they are recommending a 5th round of chemo using Avastin. Her CA count is 170 and as she is not keen on going through chemo for the 5th time, I have decided to bring her to see you after being recommended by my friend. We will make copies of the report as mentioned on your website.

Anything else do you need from us? How much will it cost etc?

Best regards,

Colorectal Cancer from Sydney

Hi Chris,

I just happened to stumble upon your website.

My very best friend is undergoing her first chemotherapy this Friday, and they are going to put a “potacap” (I hope this is how it is spelt) tomorrow. She has already undergone bowel obstruction surgery 8 weeks ago, and the oncologist is keen to start chemo ASAP, as he said the standard should be to start chemo 6 weeks after surgery. But my friend has not been recovering too well with the bowel obstruction surgery, and currently she is coughing from some infection we got in the hospital, though she is on broad spectrum antibiotics.

I am writing this email urgently from Sydney and would like to know if you have any capsules / teas / whatever else that can help that she can take during each recovery cycle of chemo (the oncologist said it’ll be 2 days of outpatient chemo of 4 hours each, and then 12 days of recovery, before the next chemo 14-day cycle). If you can, can you please email me your phone/mobile number so that I can call you directly today / tomorrow?

If you can please help? I am now very desperate for any kind of help. Many thanks,

Reply: Sorry, I cannot help patients from Australia.


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