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Breast Lump – Many docs, my opinion – confuse

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is F from Indonesia, I’m 28 years old. I have lump in my breast and the resulted after USG was Multiple FAM. I have met two oncologists in Riau province and both of them said no need further
action i.e., surgery or biopsy. After that, I also consulted with another oncologist in Bandung via phone (I work and stay in Riau – Sumatra) and he suggested to do biopsy. I’m confused actually. I really need suggestion for you about my lump.

Actually I plan to go to Penang to visit u in the next two or 3 months because now I have tight schedule. Is it possible to get herb from you before meeting you? The last I would like to say many thanks for your information that you put in your web and many inspirational story in the behind. Thank you.

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