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Cervical Cancer from USA

Dr. Teo,

I was diagnosed with 3B cervical cancer in May.  I received chemoradiation and now the doctor says my chances to live are 65%.  They want to give me high doses of cisplatin and taxol to raise my chances 10% more.  I decided against this..

I live in USA.  I believe in the work you do. When you said you were “a man of plants” on your video, I felt hope move through my body. God gave us the plants for our healing.  If you can help me, I am willing to travel to see you.  My sister-in-law also has a high respect of herbs.  She is visiting family in Indonesia in January.  She said she would buy me a plane ticket to go with her so I could see you.  I am humbled because my sister in law is not rich.

I consulted with an herbalist here and he has the plan of giving me pacific yew and sweet annie (Artesisia annua) on alternating weeks for 3 months.  I could do that until I come to see you.  I believe the herbs and the knowledge of herbs is very superior in the Asian countries.  Here in America, we relied on Western medicine too long and do not have the knowledge and tradition of herbs that there is in the East.  As you say, wisdom is getting the best from the east and the west.

I have  kept my diet as clean as possible; no sugar, no caffiene, and I only eat organic fruits and vegetables,  During chemoradiation, I did eat yogurt because my digestive system could not tolerate anything else.

Would you help me, please?  How long would I need to stay?  What is the cost involved?   With my diagnosis, do you think that January would be too late?  I will do whatever you think is best.

Thank you,

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