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Colon Cancer from India

Hi Dr. Teo,

Thank you for reading my message.

My mother is suffering from Colon cancer stage 3B since it was discovered last November. She got operated last December and since then she has taken around 10 dosage of the Chemotherapy.

After the recent post-chemo reports it is found that there is no growth in the same region where she got operated, but some cancerous growth is still visible in the Lymph nodes.

In the same context, I wanted to seek your advice and possible options of the treatment with Herbal path.

I live in US and my mother lives in India. Although we are away from Malaysia, we travel often and we can be there for the in person consultation. Please let us know if it is possible for your schedule to accommodate us, it will be great help to our family. Best Regards.

Reply: Yes, come and see me in Penang.

Thank you Dr. Chris. We are in process of getting the Malaysia visas done for my mother and father; mostly in the first or second week of September we will be there to seek your advice. I understand from CACARE website, we can directly come to your office and not necessary to make the appointment. Would that be fine Doctor or do you recommend me to call you office and take the appointment.

Thank you very much for your response.Looking forward to meet you in person.


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