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Colorectal Cancer from Sydney

Hi Chris,

I just happened to stumble upon your website.

My very best friend is undergoing her first chemotherapy this Friday, and they are going to put a “potacap” (I hope this is how it is spelt) tomorrow. She has already undergone bowel obstruction surgery 8 weeks ago, and the oncologist is keen to start chemo ASAP, as he said the standard should be to start chemo 6 weeks after surgery. But my friend has not been recovering too well with the bowel obstruction surgery, and currently she is coughing from some infection we got in the hospital, though she is on broad spectrum antibiotics.

I am writing this email urgently from Sydney and would like to know if you have any capsules / teas / whatever else that can help that she can take during each recovery cycle of chemo (the oncologist said it’ll be 2 days of outpatient chemo of 4 hours each, and then 12 days of recovery, before the next chemo 14-day cycle). If you can, can you please email me your phone/mobile number so that I can call you directly today / tomorrow?

If you can please help? I am now very desperate for any kind of help. Many thanks,

Reply: Sorry, I cannot help patients from Australia.


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