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From Hong Kong – Herbs to prevent Kidney Cancer?

Dear Chris,

I read your website and interested in learning about the herbs for  kidney tumor.  I am currently living in Hong Kong.  Please tell me how I can order the herbs and the price.  Thank you so much for your help.

Go to my website: www.cacare.org and read. I need all the medical reports.

Dear Chris,

I am not sure if I have kidney cancer, but I would like to take herb as a preventive.

Reply: I am sorry I don’t think there is such thing as preventive.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your prompt reply. May I provide you with more details. I have kidney discomfort on the
left side.  I plan to have an ultrasound done in the future.  But I know if the diagnosis is positive I will be pressured to do chemo.

I rather take the herbs now before the ultrasound.  I believe the herbs should be beneficial to me even if I do not have kidney cancer. Thus, I hope you can help me in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.

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