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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer

I am in the process of fighting metastatic breast cancer. I have mets to bone, liver, and brain. Since May, I have undergone gamma knife for brain tumors. I am scheduled for my first MRI since the procedure on August 20. I had the TACE procedure on both lobes in July, and will find out those results on the 20th as well.

I was first dx with breast ca in June of 2001. I received a mastectomy with 1 out of 16 nodes positive. ER+PR-HER2-. I was dx 7 years later with mets to bone. Two years later (1/2011) mets to liver. April 2012, mets to brain.

It is hard to stay positive when I am so tired.Thank you reading my post.
Warmest regards, Terry

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