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Pancreatic Cancer – Doc said more toxic chemo needed !

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,


This forwarded mail below from my sis-in-law refers. She’s been diagnosed as suffering from Pancreatic CA mid April this year; and has been under the care of an oncologist in Subang M.C. My understanding is that she’s been administered IV chemotherapy through port; since late April/early May.

Read about your CA Care Therapy and wish your advice if she could use this as a supplementary treatment? Your early reply shall be greatly appreciated. Regards and GOD bless.


Went to see my oncologist this morning, results mixed , my pancreas tumour, didn’t shrink, doc said cos it’s at advanced stage and take time, others at the spleen has disappeared. The one at the liver, some gone and some fresh ones appear, just tiny spots. I thought I can forget about chemo but have to do it, this time it’s shorter time; stronger drugs, doc said this time not so much side effect. Will be going on 28 Aug and 1 week later another chemo, short one, then rest 2 weeks.  This time no need to carry the chemo bag for 2 days. Got to chemo till November.

Reply: Go ahead and do the chemo first. When nothing else works, come and see if I can help in anyway.

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