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Epitheloid Sarcoma Stage 4

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

On 21/6/12, my husband underwent wide excision of the Chest wall tumour with a muscle flap closure of the defect.T he operative findings were:

1) Large tumour right anterior chest wall measuring 10cm x 8cm that involves part of the mid sternum and closely adherent to underlying ribs.

2) Apical lesion on chest wall with direct invasion of apical segment of the right lung.

The chest wall tumour was removed with a wide margin and the apical lung segment was excised in toto.

He was in stage 4 Epitheloid Sarcoma, likely metastasis. The surgery was done at Damansara Specialist Centre PJ and since it was a major operation, the cardiothoracic surgeon was performed by the same surgeon who did Dr. Mahathir some time ago. He has made a slow recovery and about a month ago, he developed post-operative pleural effusion which was drained with cathether by the Radiologist. No malignant cells were found in the fluid.

I have heard/read about you and the herbs few months ago and in fact my husband is on Keladi Tikus capsules that I bought online through Cancerfight.com (manufactured in Kelantan). I wish I can bring my husband to meet you in Penang but he is too weak to travel from P.Jaya.

I also know that the capsules he has been taking for few weeks now is not exactly enough and the same with what you have in the clinic. I know the ‘pantang’ and he followed as advised.

My husband’s condition now is not too good and I transferred him to UMMC (UH) instead because the previous hospital wanted to do Chemo and Radio on him. In UH, the oncologist suggested only Radio depending on the results of the latest CT Scan scheduled in few days time. Meanwhile, to ease the pain and the swelling on his right neck, shoulder and back that started lately, he was given morphine and steroid throughout his stay since he checked in on 2nd day of Raya.

My concern now, will the drugs give an impact on the herbs and vice-versa. What shall I do next? Can I order from you all the necessary capsules/tea that is best suited for my husband? If it can be done, I would really appreciate it. Me and my husband have nothing to lose and won’t stop trying because we believe in faith and God. He is going to be 50 next month and we have 3 children – 16, 13 and 10 years of age.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

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