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Lung Cancer from Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

I am from Bangladesh. My father caught by lung cancer. We have already given him chemotherapy as per suggestion of doctors of Bangladesh. As per doctors of Bangladesh there is no way of doing operation right now and the only treatment is to control it via Chemo or Radio Therapy. Here I have attached his diagnosis reports scan copy. He is currently taking following medicines –

1.      losectil 20 mg (omeprazole usp) 1+0+1(15 days)

2.      omidon 10 mg (domperidone) 1+1+1 (7 days)

3.      becosules gold capsule (vitamin b-complex and vitamin c). 0+1+0 (1 month)

4.      Maxsulin r 100 (insulin) 10+8+6(+ – 2) continue

5.      progace tablets 160 mg ( megestrol acetate usp) 1+0+0 (7 days)

6.      gabapen 300 mg (gabapentin usp 300 mg) 1+0+1 (15 days)

7.      atarax 10 mg(hydroxyzine 2hcl) 0+0+1 ( 3 days)

8.      toradol 10 mg(ketorolac tromethamine)  1+0+1 (if pain)

9.      oragurd oral gel (miconazole bp oral gel) 1+1+1 (14 days)

10.  levox 500 mg (levofloxacin 500 mg)  1+0+0 (7 days)

11.  flagyl 400 mg (metronidazole) 1+1+1 (3  days)

12.  tramic (tranexamic acid bp 500 mg) 1+1+1 (5 days)
I am waiting for your kind feedback. Your best regards.

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry I cannot help people by just sitting in front of the computer. The patient needs to come and see me personally or at least someone who knows come and tell me what is the problem. No chemo or herbs can cure lung cancer. You go and see my articles in www.CancerCareMalaysia.com on what I wrote about lung cancer.

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