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Seeking Wellness from Singapore

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

Greetings from Singapore.  My name is CC, aged 61 and overweight at 78 kg.

I would be in Penang in early October  and is hoping to take the opportunity to seek your consultation on how to improve my health.   I am currently not sickly but being a Hepatitis B carrier, I go for regular blood tests and ultra sound scans.  My last blood test on albumin, alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, alphafoeto protein and scan done in July this year shows normalcy but the scan indicates a fatty liver with no focal hepatic lesion seen.

Unfortunately I note from your website that you only see patients on Friday afternoon and Sunday night.  I will try  to go to your clinic on Friday but if for some reasons I can’t make it , I  wonder whether I could still visit your clinic other than Friday to buy some  herbs to help improve my  health.  I bought some herbs for brewing for general health from your clinic through a friend in the past and like it very much.

Incidentally my husband, KK wrote and asked for your advice on his heart problem in July 2009, not quite expecting a response from you as heart disease isn’t your specialty.  We’re pleasantly surprised and very appreciative when you promptly replied and recommended him 2 good books to him to read.  He’s doing fine now.  We much admire the hard and caring work you and your wife are doing selflessly in giving hope and healing to countless cancer-stricken patients.

Warm regards, CC

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