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Cervical – CIN 3

Dear Mr Chris,

Hi , i am indonesian and i diagnosed for  cervical intraepithelial neoplasias (CIN) 3, and try to search internet that any way to cure CIN3 without surgery and i found out for the CA Centre.

Can you tell me that is it true can cure the CIN3 with remedy and without surgery? how long can see the result / how long can be recover?? and how’s the way to cure?? with medicine or acupunture or what?? and what’s your consultant hour and day?? and if i don’t go to penang it’s because too far, is it can be send the medicine to me (Indonesia)??

Please advise. Thanks & Regards,

Reply: You need to come and see with all the medical reports. I cannot help by sitting in front of the computer.

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