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Ovarian Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Dr Chris …

Healthy Regards …

I am M from Indonesia, women my age 32th November 2012, sentenced to suffer cancer stage IIIC ovarian adenocarcinoma type. On 30 June 2012 the tumor on my right ovary due to tumor rupture and spread to the abdominal cavity …Results topology mention: Kistadenoma Papiliferum serosum type of “Borderline” with foci Invasion Being Kistadenokarsinoma (Right Ovary). For checking that done before surgery results CEA 0.6 ng / ml and Ca-125 81.4 U / ml

On 30 july i did recheck Ca-125 and the results were 24.66 U / ml

The doctor asked me to do chemo but I refused and now I’m consuming herbs like red betel leaf and soursop anthill ….Before and after surgery my condition is good, just prior to my surgery often complain of pain such as heartburn and flatulence. Besides that my stomach a little bigger.

Appetite and my weight is stable. I feel that postoperative pain in the back of the waist and the chest.

It’s just as confused as I am with the treatment I’m doing, I just followed my instinct to heal but do not know if it’s appropriate.

Dr. Chris …Maybe this time I have not been able to come to Penang to meet you in person, if I can receive treatment remotely … or if I can just buy drugs from Dr Chris ..

Then, what diet is that I should do …I really expects an immediate answer from Dr Chris, who may be able to eliminate my confusion. The assistance of Dr Chris I say many thanks ..


Reply: Since you are from Jakarta, go and see Pak Teddy. Read www.CancerCareIndonesia.com



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