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From Bangkok: Cyst Turned Pancreatic Cancer

Dear Chris,

I am writing here to ask for your opinions about my mother’s symptoms and the development of the disease over the past 6 years.

The doctor found a cyst with a size of 3-4 cm in my mom’s pancreas since 2006.  She was suggested to do nothing and just follow up the size and its appearance since cyst is not harmful and pancreas is located deep in the body.

She later did an MRI scan in 2009 and another doctor said nothing for her to do anything.  We (all her son and daughters) just learned recently that the size of that cyst had become 7 cm and the reading of the results from the MRI was “cystadenoma” since 2009.

Since around June this year (2012), mom has started losing her appetite and her weight has dropped about 10 kg within 3 months and she constantly complained about pain in her upper abdomen and back.  She had another MRI on September 23, 2012, and the results showed that she has a cyst of around 7 cm in size and unfortunately the cyst contains a solid mass of around 4 cm in size at the head of her pancreas.  On September 28, 2012, a team of doctors later did an EUS (endoscopic Ultrasound) and performed a biopsy.  The biopsy showed that the solid mass was adenocarcinoma.

Mom is 75 years old.  We decided not to do a whipple operation.  We are also not sure if she can resist the chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  With the information that patient’s response on chemotherapy of the pancreatic cancer is only 5-10%, we decided not to do chemotherapy on her.

Currently her appetite is getting worse and worse.  She can eat only a small portion each meal and keeps losing weight. She also feels nausea and vomits every day.  Oral pain relief medicines seem not to help her relieve the pain.  Only Fentanyl (skin patch) makes her feel good; however, she refuses to use it for a long term.

We are seeking for an alternative medical plan for her.  I read some stories from your website (http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/pancreatic-cancer/).  We understand that pancreatic cancer is not curable.  I just want my mom to relieve her pain and can eat some healthy food and to have a little more quality of life.  We are willing to prepare herbal teas if these can help her feel better.

I can send you the results of the EUS and biopsy by email if you require for the treatment suggestion.  Do we need to take mom to meet you in Penang?  Is it possible just to go there only me or my brother and bring all medical records to meet with you?  We are located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thank you very much and best regards, Y.



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