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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Qi Gong – Where to get it for free?

Dear Chris,

I am referring to your blog post link http://ejtcm.com/2011/03/17/qigong-as-an-adjunctive-to-cancer-therapy/ on qigong. I saw many names and centres. Is there any for free? Sorry to sound like a freeby freak but I wanted to know on classes or practices about qigong that is affordable or free and more family oriented.

I read about qigong but I can’t even visualize about it and how it can cure cancer. I am 33 a single mother of 2 and struggling in KL and recently had a 4cm polyps removed. Ever since then I fear cancer or other diseases. I have very young kids and no family around. I need to do something about my health and my kids too.

We often feel weak tired sleepy. We all have asthma, sinus allergies and now I had polyps. I seem to attract the wrong sort of people in my life and it affects us and our safety. I don’t usually have a balanced diet due to the rushing situation and also finances. Can qigong help?

Does it control how we eat, digest, think etc

I need to feel the energy myself to know how it can help and from your experience do you know any sincere teachers and reasonably priced. Yes I know the cliche of health is wealth but not all can afford it. We can’t stretch that small income further. So how do I find a place to learn? Are there any in temples or is it in office lots and I am looking for something near Sri Rampai or in KL.

It’s scary too because it seems unreal, like a scam like there is magic to it but what do I look out for to know its genuine.

Thank You for your time and sorry for the request.

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