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Two Chemos and He Died

Let me share with you these e-mails. And I get to receive such e-mails or hear such horror stories all too often.

30 January 2013

Dear Chris,

My husband had passed away last November 2012.  After two cycles of chemo, he experienced leg weakness. He stopped chemo after that. Then he was paralysed starting from the legs, and moving upwards to both hands, and finally his breathing muscle was affected. He died due to breathing difficulties.

In any case, I would like to thank you for the help rendered. Thanks and regards,

Comment: Two shots of chemo and he was dead?

This was what his wife wrote on 14 June 2012.

Dear Chris, The doctor (looked experienced and kind) suggested Gemzar and Cisplatin for six cycles. He did not recommend radio because it is not solving the root cause of the growth (previous radio sites also growing). Honestly, I’m at loss because I also frightened of chemo after so many awful stories. Finally, we decided to try out 1 or 2 cycles and monitor my husband’s condition, scheduled to start next week. I know this sounds stupid. However, there does not seem to be other avenue to slow down this growth. We still plan to continue with herbs long term- but can we have herbs during chemo? Thanks and regards.

Two Breast Tumours: Are you playing with your life?

Dear Dr Teo,

I  am from Spore. I came across your site this evening. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage 3 June 2012. Am supposed to undergo surgery n chemo the following week.

After much consideration I declined treatment and instead taking a natural remedy. I am much a positive person and willing to try any kind of option as long no cut or burn process.

I am a mother 47 of age with 6 children. One of the children under my care (an orphan 7 yrs of age) was diagnosed with acute heart disease and just recently undergone surgery.

For now, I had 2 tumors. My right breast n also my lymph nodes. My left heel and my knee started giving me a problem for quite some time. I watch my diet try to bring down some. Since my last visit to hospital I do not set any appointment. Doctor from hospital called me twice and advised me (to come to the hospital) before it gets worse.

Recently I have been reading a lot about cancer. I accept my fate and go thru with an open heart. I am quite clear with your concept and curious about the healing methods using herbs n tea and willing to give it a try.

I been in Penang last year when I made a trip  to Kulim Kedah for the alternative treatment using ‘Bekam’ or traditional cupping for 6 sessions, followed by supplement such as black seed, honey and B17 vitamins.

I believe whatever it is there is always a blessing in disguise. I will check with your centre tomorrow  for an appointment. What I need is a right protocol and a guideline.

Thank you for your time Doc.

Reply: If you don’t want this to eventually happen to you … stop being foolish!

25 Rotten breast

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