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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Two Breast Tumours: Are you playing with your life?

Dear Dr Teo,

I  am from Spore. I came across your site this evening. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage 3 June 2012. Am supposed to undergo surgery n chemo the following week.

After much consideration I declined treatment and instead taking a natural remedy. I am much a positive person and willing to try any kind of option as long no cut or burn process.

I am a mother 47 of age with 6 children. One of the children under my care (an orphan 7 yrs of age) was diagnosed with acute heart disease and just recently undergone surgery.

For now, I had 2 tumors. My right breast n also my lymph nodes. My left heel and my knee started giving me a problem for quite some time. I watch my diet try to bring down some. Since my last visit to hospital I do not set any appointment. Doctor from hospital called me twice and advised me (to come to the hospital) before it gets worse.

Recently I have been reading a lot about cancer. I accept my fate and go thru with an open heart. I am quite clear with your concept and curious about the healing methods using herbs n tea and willing to give it a try.

I been in Penang last year when I made a trip  to Kulim Kedah for the alternative treatment using ‘Bekam’ or traditional cupping for 6 sessions, followed by supplement such as black seed, honey and B17 vitamins.

I believe whatever it is there is always a blessing in disguise. I will check with your centre tomorrow  for an appointment. What I need is a right protocol and a guideline.

Thank you for your time Doc.

Reply: If you don’t want this to eventually happen to you … stop being foolish!

25 Rotten breast

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