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From Bandung, Indonesia: Breast Cancer that Had Spread

Dr. Chris,

I have read about your treatment and I interested to try it for my mother. My mother has diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to adrenal glands and to liver. At the moment my mother condition is very weak, the liver has very swollen and her face becomes a little yellow. The oncologist who handled her before has given up. Even at the moment we face difficulty to bring her into hospital with so many hospital procedures and bureaucracy. I hope you could help my mother and tell us what to do. I am waiting for your reply. 

Reply: You are from New Zealand? I can’t help those living for far away. Chris

Hi Chris,

I am at Bandung Indonesia at the moment for my mother lives in Bandung. I am living in New Zealand but at the moment I am with my mother in Jakarta. It’s only 2 hrs flight to Penang, what are the chances of my mother getting treatment from you? I can send all the test data. Can you please help us treat our mother as this needs to be done urgently. Kind regards,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have sent you a reply but in case it did not reach you. I am currently in Jakarta with my mother. My mother really needs your help as there’s no one here able to help her. Can we take our mother to your clinic? I can arrange the ticket to Penang from Jakarta as soon I received your OK to bring her to see you. Do you need me to send the results of her tests? Kindest regards,


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