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Colon-Liver Cancer: Go home and die

Dr., last 2 days I went back to hospital to see the surgeon as I want to know how he would explain my condition in detail. During our conversation, I took down notes down for your reference, as follows:

Wong:   Dr. what actually had happen to me? Can you explain in more detail? I thought this is only a minor surgery in closing my colostomy. I did the CT scan and colonscopy in Oct, 2012 before coming in to closet on Jan, 2013. You said everything is fine. The only thing is in the future I pass bowel a little bit difficult since my rectum is narrow.

Dr. X :  Your cancer tumors spread too fast after surgery although we have checked it before surgery.

W: Why these few days I pass bowel there’s a lot of blood (50% stools and 50% blood) coming out and the anus burn and so painful?

Dr. X :   Oh. your anus pain every time you pass bowel is because it is too narrow to pass through. There’s blood in your bowel mainly because your cancer tumors had spread and its messy inside your colon. This I can’t help you anything as you had stage 4 CA Rectum although it has been removed in 2012. It had recurred.

W:     Can you do any surgery to open the colostomy as previously I had before? I don’t want to suffer like this.

Dr. X :  The risk is too high. Maybe only 30% chance of survival if I do the surgery again because your intestine had burst and moreover the tumors are everywhere in your colon. You will die on the table due to serve bleeding. 

W:  That means I leave it like this, everyday suffering from tummy bloatness and waiting to die one of these days? Do you think how long can I survive?

Dr. X  : I’m sorry we really can’t do anything. Go home and spend your precious time with your family while you are able to now. Maybe you have less than 3 months to live or even shorter.

W:   I am really disappointed with what you have said as I had full confidence in you but after all these, you say you can’t do anything. Since last year I had took my CEA till Jan this year. My index never exceeded 6 ng/mL.  Lowest was 2.5 ng/mL. One last question:  why now there’re stools coming out from the wound that you close the colostomy.

Dr. X:   Stools do come out sometimes because you can’t move your bowel at the down part. Once you can move it, there won’t be any stools coming out again. It will close by itself if everything is fine one of these days. So don’t worry about that. You wear the colostomy bag in the mean time.

Dr. Chris, I won’t give up just like this. I will continue to take your herbs as every time you said CA Care Center is the last stop for people like us.

The patient’s full story will be presented later  – including his video conversation with us.

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