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From India: Pancreatic Cancer that Spreads to the Liver. Gemzar not effective

Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with ca head of pancreas in India and he has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy with Gemzar. He started chemo late August and finished February 2013. His Ca 19.9 was 1085 iu at the start , then 750 iu after the 2nd cycle then 622.25 iu after the fourth. Then after the 6th cycle and a month later he repeated the test and it’s down to 392.22 iu/ml.

For the cost of travelling we decided to meet a Dr from my country Nigeria. He prescribed Tarceva and while browsing for information about the drug I ran into your website. I read a lot and am motivated to try alternative to chemical medicine. We want to give natural medicine so that we have positive side effects along with the care.

Presently, I just collected my father’s CT scan and it reads:

Features suggestive of pancreatic neoplasm with hepatic metastases. Left renal hydronephrosis and proximal hydroureter noted (?regional invation to the left ureter).

So as it is, the case is getting worse so we need to make plans fast to start on your herbs.

I know cancer has no cure but I know the quality of life can be improved if we care with herbs and improved diet.

R (Daughter)

Reply: Pancreatic cancer is the worse cancer and is very, very difficult. It is very hard for me to take care of patients from far away countries. It is just impossible. Chris

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