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From Singapore: Problems and problems: So sorry we are not a hospital doing everything!

Dear Dr Teo

I chanced upon your website and I am very keen to fly to Penang to seek consultation from you.

I am a 38 yrs old S’porean woman. I have many health issues like perpetual lower back/shoulder ache, obesity, numbness in my arms/fingers in the morn, body odour and more. My husband also has bad headaches for a long time. Hence we both like to meet you.

As I read your website, I noticed the usage of  e-therapy machine. May I please ask how much is this machine? Must I purchase it for continual usage after seeing you 5 x? I am not well-to-do. In fact I need to save up from now to see you in June. I am a homemaker and I have 3 kids. I can only see you during the last week of June (24-28 June) and I have to bring my 3 kids along as no one can help me.

Once I know the cost of the machine, I can plan whether to fly to Penang or drive up. Cos driving is cheaper but I worry it’s very taxing for my husband who is prone to headaches.

I look forward to hearing from you soon so I can buy air tickets quickly if necessary. A few budget airlines are having promotions now.

Best regards
Dear Chris

Thanks for your speedy reply.

Can I please pay for the machine with a credit card? If yes, let me ask my husband to take leave from 24-28June 2013. Once his leave is approved, I’ll contact you asap to finalise and book my air tickets.

If no, I gotta save up enough cash before flying down to see you this December. I’ll email you then on the dates to check your availability.

By the way, do you treat kids aged 6 and 8yrs old?

Reply:  I understand your problem. In fact I think it is a wrong thing for you to come and see me.

First, I only see cancer patients — I only work with cancer problems and also, I am not a Chinese sinseh. .Also you just cannot come one time and expect to get well. I cannot solve all your problems or your husband’s problems like magic.

I suggest that you go to the SGH — see the doctors there and they can help you. If you want herbs, you go and see the TCM section. My patients tell me they give out herbs. Then you can go back again and again without problem.

NO one or doctor can solve your problem by just seeing him once — for you to come and see me again and again is extremely difficult or just impossible.

>Also my machine is NOT magic. I don’t know how to repair it either. If something goes wrong, we have to send it back to the US and it is extremely difficult. And again it cost money. And you have to come back to see me again.

So far no one say the machine is not working BUT for sure it will not last forever — if after some years is cannot work anymore it is too bad.

I hope you understand. I think the SGH TCM doctors can help you better than me for your non-cancer problems and being Singaporeans I believe your government should be able to help you.

Regards, Chris

Dear Chris

Thanks for your reply. I saw in your website that you helped others for pains and weight loss, that’s why I tot of approaching you, even though I saw that you are helping many cancer patients.

I have very bad shoulder and lower back aches for a long time. When I see western docs in clinics or hospitals, all they suggest are painkillers and physiotherapy or they said it’s my pillow or sitting posture. My aches are so bad that I even have numb fingers and arms in the morning once I wake up. Some times at night, I am awakened by sharp pains in my arms and I hardly sleep well. I wake up a few times at night.

I recently went for a few TCM massages and the therapist said I hv ‘blocked qi’ everywhere and it’s affecting my blood circulation and body functioning. The therapist was even saying that if I don’t fix the blockages on my back, I will get a stroke soon. I have constipation and no matter how much I rest, I always feel tired.

I have relatives (my paternal uncles) who have history of cancer. One uncle even died from colon cancer within 4 mths. I know you are not a TCM but I believe somehow my problems now will lead to bigger health issues one day, if I don’t’ fix them now. I have 3 kids and I worry for them.

I am not expecting miracles from you and I also know that machines don’t last a lifetime. As financially tight as I am, I am hoping I can find a solution for my health issues.

If you still don’t think I should see you, I understand. Nevertheless, I’ll keep your contact, should I need to seek treatment for cancer from you one day.

Thanks for your prompt replies. I greatly appreciate them. Best regards.

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