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Singapore: Breast Cancer Spread to Bone and Lung?

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I was introduced to you by Danny Ching. He was a former cancer patient. I learnt from him that you can advise cancer patients.

Three weeks ago, my mother, Mdm, aged 70, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The lung cancer spread to the lymph node on the neck, spinal bone, heart. She was a former breast cancer patient in 2003. Since that time, she undergone radiotherapy to treat the breast cancer after surgery. Now she had tumor on another breast. But the doctor says that it is not related to the lung cancer.

According to the oncologist, through the CT scan, the doctors found that she has EGFR + Exon 19 mutation. Currently, she is on oral chemo drug. She has completed her radiotherapy to kill cancer of the lymph node.

Would you recommend her to Cancer Care? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, AT

Reply: You have to come and see me with all the medical reports etc.
Go to www.cacare.org for more details. Chris

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