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From Singapore: Chemo Did Not Cure His Lung Cancer

Dear Dr Teo,

I came to know your contact through website search. We are born again Christian and believe God had directed us to you. We know in God, He has the last say  and through prayers we have hope in Him.

My hubby has gone through chemo treatment since 7 months ago at National Cancer Centre, Singapore under Stage IV non-small cells lung cancer.

It seems the size of cancer cells has grew bigger. Last week his CT scan shown it has spread to his liver about size 3cm. It seems the 2 type chemo treatments both on drip n tablets form do not help.

Doctor suggested to try other type of chemo and see whether it can work on him.  I believe the doctor does not know which is the right type of chemo. He is purely just trying an error. The chemo treatments had weaken him: his weight has gone down from 89 Kgs to 72 Kgs

For past 6 months he has been taking  fruit/veg juice in the morning ( comprising of green apple, beet root, carrot, lemon, wheatgrass n broccoli).

This coming July 2013, he will be 70 years old.  He desires is to live till  80 n above. He was a smoker before till 2 years ago he stopped smoking after doctor diagnosis him Lung Cancer.  It started with his CT scan showing he had a shadow on his right lung. Now he is still able to walk and his appetite is quite poor.

We are Singaporean staying in Singapore. Just want to know first before we make an appointment with you.

1. Attached is his recent CT scan report – is there a chance for him to proceed with your treatment?

2. Must he stay in Penang for the whole course of treatment?

3. What will be the whole cost for this treatment?

4. Roughly how long will be his treatment in weekly or monthly ?

5. What diet must he be on?

6. Anything that I have missed to ask you – please also  enlighten me with whatever information you want to let me know.

Thanks and look forward to your response soon. God Bless.

Reply:  You should go and read a lot more …. www.cacare.org and www.CancerCareMalaysia.com

No we are not a hospital and you don’t need to come here and stay in Penang. Come and see me with all the medical reports and scans. I see you and give you herbs and teach you about the diet. That will take about 1 hour and you go home. Take care of yourself at home.

Since I am not god and I also don’t want to play god, I really don’t know what I can do to make you live longer. I can just try my best. If you read enough what I wrote you will know all the answers or read my book — Cancer What Now ….. found in www.bookoncancer.org.  Chris

Many thanks  Dr Teo for your prompt response. Noted, I will follow your instruction to go n read more about the links.


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