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Liver Cancer from KL – 37 years old

Dear Doctor Chris,

I was diagnosis with liver cancer on 18th March 2013. This happens when I felt slight discomfort for about a week of bloatedness. Went to a normal GP doctor who gave some antibiotics and charcoal pills. after finished the medicine, i felt much better but still not fully recover and went back to the clinic and after some observation on the stomach, he found a lump and advise to do a ultrasound and the results were not good. Went for an MRI and confirm that there are 2 lumps inside the liver.

Honestly, i have no faith in western medicine and would like to opt for Chinese herbal medicine. After reading your website, I would like to see you for consultation. Please let me know how should i go about with this. I am currently now staying in KL. I’m 37 yrs old, married and my wife and me are expecting our first child in September and we just got married this year in January.

Awaiting you favourable reply so that i can visit you in person.

Kind regards.

Reply: Go to www.cacare.org or www.cacare.com and you get all the details. Come and see me in Penang. Bring all the medical reports and scans.

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