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Pancreatic Cancer from Sabah

Dear Doctor,

Morning.  I am from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. I need best advice from Doctor.

The Patient (my brother) age 42 years old. , Gender : male.

On end January 2013, patient’s skin and eye become yellowish and local doctor put/installed a plastic tube near Liver to by-pass it and to reduce his yellowish skin.

Then the patient did PET scan on Feb 2013 and diagnosis about 3.5cm pancreatic cancer near the head-of-Pancreas.

Western Doctor recommended to do Whipple surgery/operation.  Due to very low survive rate, the patient decided to use/take the Chinese Medicine treatment.   Meantime, every day he also take the juice of Sabah-Snake-Grass (50 leaf) ) (Clinathanus) blended with lemon and green apple.

After 2 months taking/using Chinese Medicine treatment, recently patient go to replace the tube to metal tube.  During replacing the metal tube, the doctor noticed the cancer extent and grow to 6.5cm already.   This make me very nervous and worry.

I know you are very busy.  I really hope that you can notice and read this mail. I very sincerely hope that you can help my brother and give us your valuable advice.Any or what advise from you?

Sleep : ok.

Tire : yes tire.

Bowed Movement : ok; no blood.

Appetite : ok, little.

Swelling : not sure.

Medical Problem : High Blood Pressure.

Urination : ok, no blood.

Not cough.

Breathing : ok.

My contact is: DT, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Reply: I need to see all the medical reports and scans …come and see me. There is no cure of pancreatic cancer…. go to www.cacare.org and read. Chris.


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