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Rectum Cancer that Spread to Liver and Lung After Surgery and Chemo

Hello dr chris teo. I’m from Selangor.

since march 2011,my mom had been diagnosed having tumour in rectum,she had done operation and after one year its spread to lung and liver, just having good result for two month (tumour decrease in number and size) after doing chemotherapy .

now the cancer cell spread again and liver + lung become very serious, now trying cacare method,

We had try for two months,but my mom still cough (cough is quite serious now) and suffer indigestion . Any idea from sir to reduce my mom’s suffer? and i need to do the blood test after trying your herb for 3 months ?

Reply: It is extremely hard to help patients by sitting in front of the computer. Come and see in Penang.  Why do you ever want to do a blood test for?

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