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From Surabaya: 75-Year Old On Chemo For Ovarian Cancer

Dear dr Chris,

My mom had ovarian cancer since 2009.she had surgery,continuing with chemo 3x,got surgery and continuing with chemo.Total 6x of chemotheraphy. Since that she always  check her ca 125 every 3 months.

This early year on Januay 2013 her ca 125 getting rise to 450. She had chemo again for 3times.On her third chemo ,she got allergy on CARBOPLATIN.Her oncology doctor gave her plaxitaxel and carboplatin.

Recently her ca 125 = 17,9 (after third chemo ).Doctor will decide whether my mom need surgey to remove the mass,and continuing with 3x chemo.The oncology doctor still keep her ct scan to the surgery doctor to discuss.my siblings won’t agree if my mom get surgery.She feel week,numbness on her fingers,bald,weak to walk.

I’m really worry abt her condition,she is 75 years old.I read someone found your book : Cancer yet they live and  I’m interesting in your passion to help people who has been tired what their doctors advice to treat their cancer.I read your website and interesting in how you treat the cancer in different way,holistic and faith.I want to hv a consultation with you.
Should I make an appointment first?What kind of medical report we should bring? Should I’m waiting I get back the ct scan first? How long we need to be there?

We’re from Surabaya.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

Reply:  Read the book I just wrote: Cancer What Now — go to www.bookoncancer.org  Read the book first, I have explained everything in there. Discuss with your siblings what to do. No point coming to see me if all cannot agree.

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